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Wikivorce offers the widest range of fixed price family law services in the UK. We handle all types of case, from a simple agreed divorce, to complex financial settlements and disputes over children.

Are you ready to apply for divorce, or need advice on how to respond to divorce papers?

Our experienced family lawyers can professionally manage your divorce process from start to finish for a low fixed fee.

We can obtain a divorce even if your spouse doesn't agree to the divorce, or even if you don't know their current address.

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Do you need help with the legal process for obtaining a fair financial settlement?

If you have reached agreement on a fair settlement we can draft a legally binding Clean Break Consent Order document.
If not, we can provide legal advice on a fair settlement, and guide you through the process to achieve a fair financial outcome.

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Do you need help to reach an agreement on arrangements for your child / children?

If both parents agree on child arrangements then we can produce a Shared Parenting Plan or Child Consent Order.

If you disagree over child issues, we can provide legal advice on child law and resolve disputes through mediation or court.

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Do I need a solicitor or can I use a cheap online divorce service?

Online services, such as our own fixed price divorce service, are a cost effective option so long as you and your spouse have both decided to end the marriage. You also need to be able to agree on what 'grounds for divorce' (reasons) to state in the divorce petition.

The most costly aspect of divorce are disputes over money and, less commonly, disagreements over child contact and residency. A fully contested battle over the financial settlement (known as Ancillary Relief) can take several years and incur legal costs of tens of thousands of pounds. Typically each side retains the services of a solicitor (or family lawyer) and in addition they may hire a barrister to represent them at the family court hearings.

If at all possible you and your spouse should put aside your differences and try to agree a negotiated settlement, sometimes a mediation service can help. If you are able to agree on the finances, then it is possible to get this drafted into a legally binding document called a Consent Order.