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What is a Custody Evaluation?

What is a Custody Evaluation?

As the number of custody battles continues to rise, so does the number of custody evaluations being ordered by the courts. As a matter of fact, you can almost be certain that if you and your ex are unable to come to terms on how you are going to parent your children post divorce, then the judge will order a custody evaluation. Custody evaluations are very detailed and thorough assessments of a family. Their purpose is to determine what type of parenting arrangement will best meet the needs of the children involved.

A custody evaluation will make recommendations about whether there should be sole or joint custody, with whom the children shall reside as well as the type of access for the noncustodial parent. It may also address issues regarding a parent’s desire to move the children to another jurisdiction and away from the other parent, matters of religion and concerns about parental competency.

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