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What is a Residence Order?

What is a Residence Order?

A Residence Order says who the child will live with. It is possible for both parents to have residence orders if the child regularly stays overnight with each parent. A Contact Order describes how the child will spend time with the family he or she does not live with, including grandparents.

If one parent has an order that the children live with him or her then the other parent is usually given contact. This means that an order will be made stating where, when and for how long they can see the children.

It is the child’s right to see that parent at these times but the law cannot require a parent to see the child. The court can put special conditions in a contact order. For example, it can make the visits are supervised if they think it is necessary, or it can say where handover of children must happen. A children’s contact service can offer a handover point and can assist with providing supervision for contact visits.

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