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Do I need to go to court and what do I do when I am there?

Do I need to go to court and what do I do when I am there?

If there are no children of either your spouse or you under 18, then you do not need to go. The divorce application gives you the option of not attending. If you have any children under 18, either you or your lawyer must attend. It is better if you go to court to make sure the application is granted.

There may be information the court wants to clarify. If you are not there, the divorce may be delayed for some weeks or even months.

You should note that the definition of "child" for the purposes of the divorce document means any child who is a member of the household at the time of separation. This includes a step child, or a foster child, and not only the children of both parties. If you go to court yourself, refer to the information prepared by the Family Court entitled "What to do in Court" designed for people who are attending the Family Court without a solicitor.

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