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Resources for Litigants in person & New Members

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19 Jan 16 #472617 by rubytuesday
Topic started by rubytuesday
Wikivorce contains a wealth of information that is especially useful to those who are representing themselves, below are links to a number of articles and guides that LiPs and those new to separation/divorce may find especially useful. I have also included external resources, such as books, or other specialist information sites. To access any of the links, just click on them and you will be taken to that resource.

Separation/Divorce - Starting Out

A Guide to What to Consider Before Starting Out

Wikivorce Guide to Divorce

Paying and Recovering the Costs of Divorce

International Marriages - Can I Get Divorced in England/Wales?


Wikivorce Guide to mediation (includes searchable database for a mediator in your area)


The Law on Financal Settlements

Step-By-Step Process to Making An Agreement

Applying To Court

Separation Agreements

Consent Orders

Wikivorce Guide to Completing form E

Working Out Your Outgoings

form E - Income and Capital Needs

Guide to Spousal Maintenance

Choronology Template for Ancillary Relief Matters

Case Summary

Questionnaire Example

Concise Statement of Issues Template

S25 Statement Example

Skeleton Argument

Benefits Calculator


Cohabitation – What you need to know


Property FAQs

Housing Options After Divorce or Separation

Selling the Former marital home (Part 1) - advice from an estate agent

Selling the Former marital home (Part 2) - advice from an estate agent

Purchasing a House With a Non-Spouse


Pensions on Divorce

Pension FAQs

Review of Pensions on Divorce June 2016 (article)


Wikivorce Parenting Agreement

How Do We Tell The Children?

What is Parental Responsibility?

What is Shared Parenting?

The Child Arrangements Programme

Arrangements for Children

Child Arrangements Order (includes a C100 form)

Your Parenting Plan

Taking A Child Abroad

The Children and Families Act - What it Means for You

Position Statement Template

child maintenance Information

child maintenance Information

Court Forms

Court Forms for Divorce, Child Applications, Ancillary Relief, etc can be found in our library - click here to access the court forms

Applying for a Non-Molestation Order

How to Write a Statement for a Non-Molestation Application

Self Representing

Form FP8 - Notice of change of representation

A Look At Represnting Yourself

What Can A McKenzie Friend Do/

Finding a McKenzie Friend

Rights Of Audience

Tips on Attending Court and How to Conduct Yourself in the Courtroom

" class="bbcode_url" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer" target=""> Preparing for your First Hearing - video

" class="bbcode_url" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer" target=""> The Hearing Itself - video

" class="bbcode_url" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer" target=""> Giving and Challenging Evidence in Court - video


Family Courts Without a Lawyer - Lucy Reed

The Family Law A-Z - Langford&Langford

DIY Divorce & Separation - The Expert Guide to Representing Yourself by a team of Barristers from 1 Garden Court

Jack (a sensitive book to help children through the difficulties of parental separation) by Helen Bishop

Love Lose Live by Mary Banham-Hall (Novel)


Parenting Alone After Separation

Getting a Good Night''s Sleep

The 5 Stages of Grief

Survival In the First Few Weeks

Surviving Your First Christmas Alone

Sorting Out Christmas Arrangements For Children

Tips On Shared Parenting

Divorced, Single and Happy - One member's positive take on life after divorce

Living Together During Divorce

I hope that some of the articles are of interest/use to you - if you have found other resources/articles/books etc have helped you, please let us know.
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