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Five questions to solicitors

  • sealion
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25 Jun 08 #28613 by sealion
Topic started by sealion
Especially to "Divorcelawyer" who ,for some reason , seems to dislike criticism of her profession .
I'd appreciate HONEST answers , if possible .
1 What power have you got ?
2 Where did you get it from ?
3 In who's interests do you excersise it ?
4 To who are you accountable ?
5 How can we get rid of you ?

If we are a true democracy , I should be free to answer those questions .
Usually ,those in power do not like democracy !

  • peterc
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25 Jun 08 #28624 by peterc
Reply from peterc
sealion - i think you are targeting the wrong person.

im not a solicitor - but i can answer these q's (it is a democracy of course!!!)

1. i have my own power in that i am able to articulate what i want - i believe that most ppl who goto the sol's dont really have a clue what they want or how to get it - and then this is when you start to get issues with sol's
2. I discovered it in myself - i am a fairly intelligent, logical person, and was able to come up with solutions o the problems at hand
3. I exercise my power so as to get a fair settlement from this shitty divorce and that i get to be a daddy to my 3 lovely kids
4. I am accountable to only myself - and by association - my 3 lovely kids - and my stbx
5. only wiki can delete my account

now sealion - can you answer these questions???

I think it is really bad that people try to tar all of a profession bcs of a few bad eggs - do you slag off all doctors bcs of a bad one - no ... so try to be rational and look at what happened in your case with a clear mind - rather than being clouded!

  • D L
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25 Jun 08 #28626 by D L
Reply from D L
Hi Sealion

1. I am not a solicitor. I am a barrister. I became a barrister from a very working class background by working extremely hard. I became one because I wanted people like you and me to have a voice, to be heard, and to be heard in our own voice, not in the typical voice of the law. And I am just like you Sealion - an ordinary joe, from an ordinary background.

2. I do not object to criticism of the profession. What I object to is blanket sweeping statements. I welcome debate, I want debate, I have asked for debate. I want the profession to change, which is why I set up my firm and which is why I am on this site. The option was open to me to stay in chambers, earn far more than I do now, and sit back watching what was happening or do something about it. I chose the latter.

3. It not just the profession that needs change, it is the whole family law system which is fast becoming defunct, if not has become defunct. Perhaps you would care to read my blog, which is posted on this site under the name of Legallyblondetoo. You will see that in my blog I call for change. I admit I have only recently started it...but I am sure you will agree, that sometimes my time is better spent answering forum queries for those people that cant afford legal input, than doing my blog, which simply serves to make me feel a little better in that I feel I am doing something.

To answer your questions Sealion:
1. I have no power save to perhaps have the opportunity to change the profession from the inside, or at least do my best towards that.

2. As above, I have no power.

3. I cannot exercise power that I do not hold in the interests of anybody. But I can tell you that my code of conduct tells me I have to represent my client's fearlessly and with their interests in mind. I do that everyday and I am particularly mindfull of my professional obligation when I act against the state.

4. I am accountable to me, my family and my profession. When talking about who I am accounable to professionally, I am accountable to my clients and I take that very seriously.

5. If you want me personally to go let me know. I am only welcome as long as the members want me here. If you mean you want to get rid of my profession perhaps you need to rethink that comment. It is a common feature of dictatorships that the lawyers are not allowed to practice, that people have no recourse to the law. Is that really what you are asking for?


  • downbutnotout
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  • Visitor
25 Jun 08 #28631 by downbutnotout
Reply from downbutnotout
These seem very much like questions for the courts or the government rather than for solicitors.

I assume you are basically opening up a debate on the fact that the judiciary are unelected.

Which is a very fair debate, but one for us all, not just solicitors.

  • jamstac
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  • Senior Member
25 Jun 08 #28632 by jamstac
Reply from jamstac

I not sure why you wish to know the answers to those questions, but i for one would like to stand up for solicitor's whose job at times i imagine must be pretty damn difficult.

I am currently self repping due to costs and a straight forward case. At the beginning i had a sol and yes at times i had been given bad advice by my solicitor's, but at the same time they were not mind readers and so could not have possibly guessed my stbx responces.

This is what makes the whole divorce and financial process so hard. People have such raw feelings for one another which makes predicting anything very difficult.

I understand that everybody wants black and white answers when speaking to your sol but in divorce i dont think there will ever be black and white answers. I have only just recently understood this!

My sol definatly did some good work for me and since i have no legal experience they have offered me some invaluable advice. For some people the whole process is so daughting and so complex that this is were i believe that solicitors are most needed. Again this is something i have recently realised.

I certaintly could not do their job, and understand why some may become defensive when they are slated. But without people like divorcelawyer on this site were would most of us be. She dedicates a lot of her time to helping us make sure we get good advice and without her most of us would have even bigger sol costs.


  • Young again
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  • Platinum Member
25 Jun 08 #28637 by Young again
Reply from Young again

Sealion, a democracy is government by the people, I think you are thinking of free speech.

Who is this 'we' you refer to in your fifth question?


  • mike62
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25 Jun 08 #28639 by mike62
Reply from mike62
To post further on this topic would simply be to satisfy someones desperate craving for attention. Were it contributing significantly to helping rank and file people through divorce I would say, go ahead - post all day. But if it isn't, what then?

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