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Five questions to solicitors

  • sealion
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25 Jun 08 #28791 by sealion
Reply from sealion
redoctober wrote:

Hiya sealion,

Well, well.
You want justice ? Don't we all ? The difference from what I have read about your posts so far is that most of us go about it in a different way.
Hadenoughnow pointed out to you in her post that it would be much more positive if you directed your clearly felt and justified anger at redressing the system and not attacking people of goodwill who are on this site to help.

Because help they do. However, help tends to be withheld if it is asked for accompanied by criticism.
I am also astonished at the 'class' angle which pervades your posts.
Now correct me if I am wrong, but when you registered, surely you were not asked about your background - I certainly wasn't.
I came here to ask questions, to help others where I can and now that I have
learnt quite a bit about the legal process itself, to point people who are hurt, bewildered and lost in the right direction.
It doesn't matter to me who that person is - they need advice, guidance, solace. Period.
Wiki is free to all, but without the contribution of people like me who "pay their dues" in this manner, it wouldn't exist.

You mention that you are/were a shop steward. You are used to representing people and helping them - you could translate the experience you have by helping people here. Now THAT would be a positive step, not only for people in need, but it would make you feel better about yourself.

If my comments have upset you, you must forgive me - I am merely pointing out a way forward for you which would make you rise above the confusion and anger you feel.
Upwards comrade
Red XX

Hi Red
None of your comments upset me ,you are fully entitled to your views
I have tried to obtain justice through the "proper channels" , but have found them inadaquet (excuse spelling )I have found that when I have tried to get my ex , or my solicitor to see common sense they both close ranks (ex works for the establishment by the way ) . Basically it is me (a shelf filler in a supermarket ) V's my ex , her solicitor ,and my solicitor . If they had listened to me ,this would have been sorted out by now and we would BOTH have been better off .
"Class" makes us what we are . We have choices in life . we choose to support our own class ,or the ruling class , I have chosen to support my own class . As I am working class ,I am regarded by my solicitor as nothing more than scum . When I wanted to agree to an offer that my ex made , she (sol) said that I was not capable of making my own decision , so she would not sanction it . One year on ,it has all gone pear shaped ,and there is a danger that my children could loose their home . If things had been done my way this could have been avoided (but I am just a thick shelf stacker in a supermarket ,so I am worthless scum) .
As for me "attacking" someoen on this site ,I never did that , I was "attacked" by someone on here , by them making a sarcastic comment , but she is barrister ,so I suppose that makes it ok .
I Know my place ;)

  • hadenoughnow
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25 Jun 08 #28819 by hadenoughnow
Reply from hadenoughnow

you pay your solicitor. If you don't like what she is doing for you then get rid of her. You have the right to make your own decisions. It is her duty to inform you of the consequences but not to stand in your way if that is what you want to do.

I pay my union dues. If I didn't agree with what the union was doing I would resign. As it is I get involved. That way I can make a difference from the inside as you have too. My solicitor thought I should listen to him; he was going to "run" my case his way .. I informed myself and decided not to... after all it is my life - and my children's too. He treated me like scum - so I sacked him and went elsewhere.

You do have power. You are the consumer. Use that power. And at the risk of sounding very cheeky, if you want a free second opinion on your case, I know an excellent lady barrister who'll give you half an hour on the phone for free ;)


  • D L
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26 Jun 08 #28834 by D L
Reply from D L
Oh no you dont Sealion.

If you are going to make an assertion, back it up with fact.
Simply, if you are going to accuse me of attacking you, tell people where, how, when and the content.

As you havent done that this time I will do it for you.

Here is the post you are talking about which is the post you claim that I attack you within:


Sealion how did I know you would find this blummin post? ;)

For heavens sakes boys this is getting silly. Making blanket comments about a profession is simply out of order.

I mean, I dont post that I hate all accountants and everyone of them is corrupt and in cahoots with the Revenue just cos mine cant't get my tax liability down to what I want to pay, and nor would I dream of doing.

Solicitors and barristers are heavily regulated. I accept that some get some things wrong and others may inflate the results that they can get for you, but if you want to have this debate can we have some thought out, analytical, logical posts rather than blanket comments?

In terms of the profession closing ranks, the legal complaints commissioner is not a lawyer and is deliberately taken from outside the profession to prevent allegations of it being a closed shop.

And as for the working class having no hope of justice...sealion from one working class girl within the profession (and there are plenty of us) that is certainly not my experience.


For the information of the other members, the post above can be found in the "corrupt solicitors" thread.

I am sorry you see that as an attack Sealion, and I hope now you read it with some hindsight you can see it is clearly not. I also hope that you do not truely belive that if I had attacked you it would be ok because I am a barrister. I am moderated just like anyone else on this site, and a post in which I did attack you would be removed and I would be admonished, just like anyone else.

I don't know what you want Sealion. You drew me into this thread by asking me directly to answer you which I did, openly and honestly. You now attempt to suggest to the membership that I have attacked you, which clearly isnt the case. If there is something you want from me, ask me a direct question. If you want me to help you, I have offered that before and I offer it again. But I am not going to continue this Sealion unless it is a proper, reasoned debate. You are taking me away from the other threads on this forum, threads where real people like you need help from someone like me. That cannot be right and I hope you see that.

Good luck with whatever it is you are crusading about.


  • Arnie Saccnuson
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26 Jun 08 #29054 by Arnie Saccnuson
Reply from Arnie Saccnuson
May I talk in this forum about professional standards please.
I may reference my blog at times, but the contentious content is now password protected and I happy to supply you with that password.
I want your help to prevent me from breaking the law, but I am going to get the word professional standard to mean something, especially when applied to a divorce solicitor who is also a member of the Law Society's Family Panel and Resolution, and to this day is dealing with children!!!!!!
My problem with the complete failure of the complaints procedure is that the more serious issues that I am trying to bring to the attention of the courts, are totally undermined by all the regulatory authorities declaring Mr Blah Blah beyond reproach, when the substance of the more serious issues is the honesty and integrity of Mr Blah Blah. I am struggling to express this very well , but it is very wrong.
Love Arniexx

To be honest that question is aimed at anybody who has got something constructive to add.

  • wikivorce team
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  • Moderator
27 Jun 08 #29064 by wikivorce team
Reply from wikivorce team
There are several threads running on the need for change in the law, solicitors service levels, professional standards etc etc

A couple started by divorce lawyer and a couple by members such as sealion / arnie.

We dont want these debates to be lost / buried in the forum.

So give us a day or two to restructure things...and we will set up a dedicated forum area to provide a permanent home for such important topics.

Then members can get their heads together and create some really cohesive threads on what changes they would like to see.

We think it will also be useful to separate out the forward thinking change topics from the day to day support posts.

  • Arnie Saccnuson
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27 Jun 08 #29066 by Arnie Saccnuson
Reply from Arnie Saccnuson
That sounds great to me

But I would add that is a fairly simple question to answer and an answer anywhere in hyperspace would be great!!!!
and no response is further evidence of a quality systems failure of catastrophic proportions by the legal profession as whole

And to wiki.......

I think the forums are fantastic as they are. Only a few holes, stable , intuitive and easy to navigate. I do think you should have a pending approval policy in some circumstances........

For instance Arnie when he is on one

And in development terms, involve the community .......buy in and all that!

  • gorgeous
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27 Jun 08 #29323 by gorgeous
Reply from gorgeous
Sol do an excellent job! Without mine I would be lost worth his weight in gold. They deserve every penny.

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