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Father''s getting a fair shot

  • Steve69
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20 Feb 12 #313506 by Steve69
Topic started by Steve69
Hi there.

It''s only a question really - but I wonder about statistics related to working parents and their eligibility for Legal Aid.

This is simply because, by the time I have paid child maintenance (and yes, the kids share the time 50-50 between parents) my ex is better off than I am, by about £200 per month.

So - in real terms, her income is much higher than mine. But... she is entitled to legal aid, and I am not.

I would love to see for how many working parents, this is actually the case. I suspect that, in families where there is only one working parent, it is more likely the father - and wonder if it explains why father''s often feel let down by the legal system?

  • Young again
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20 Feb 12 #313513 by Young again
Reply from Young again
Hi Steve69,

Yes . . . . this happened in my case too which was further complicated by my ex landing me in it by not declaring several years of income from a ''jointly owned'' rental property telling everyone that I had received the income and given her the money as a gift.

This left me as a person with minus equity, owing HMRC a lot of money with extra fines, penalties and interest etc. I had to sleep on the office floor etc etc while she could and did get legal aid. That situation together with her behaviour and actions almost did for me.

She had a part-time job and in real terms her income was far higher than mine.

I felt let down by the system big time when I found out that divorce was ''no-fault'', that conduct was hardly ever taken into account and that I had to self-repp while hanging onto reality by a shoe-lace - which coincidentally was also all I could afford.

Good luck with further responses.


  • Emma8485
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  • Platinum Member
20 Feb 12 #313518 by Emma8485
Reply from Emma8485
My partner earns £29k and obviously pays CM at the normal rate, and his ex gets £32k in benefits - Housing Benefits high as she lives in a nice bit of London. She gets legal aid to fight his c100 application, he doesnt.

Yes he feels let down.........

  • Shi Tong
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14 May 12 #330491 by Shi Tong
Reply from Shi Tong
I had the (probably) classic case of being left with credit cards in my name which were filled up by my ex''s over spending.

I also have the (probably) classic problem that she spent all of "our" money while we were living together, so "we" were never able to budget properly.

I can probably get legal aid, but it''s very difficult as I''m borderline, and while I earn very little because I put my work second and my children first, she earns even less, and yet has the kids a lot less than me.

I live in the FMH, but HMRC aren''t really doing anything to my benefit because my ex rings up and tells them she''s the primary carer.

So I do feel let down at the moment, since she doesn''t contribute to anything to do with the mortgage or the debts she left me with. I just hope that I can hold on to everything and the justice system does some.. justice..

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