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Maternal Grandparents access to children

  • Kingra01
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18 Nov 21 #518158 by Kingra01
Topic started by Kingra01
Seperated from my Husband Jan 2018 not amicable and difficult seperation. Currently going through divorce.
I have an estranged relationship with my parents since I seperated from husband. My parents have continued to have contact with my ex husband to try to gain access to their grandchildren. My ex husband has taken the children without my knowledge and consent to see their maternal grandparents and told the children to keep this a secret from me. I have since found out and contact with maternal grandparents stopped. A court order is in place for Husbands access to children -2 nights per week. Within court order it states Maternal grandparents will not communicate with granchildren withut prior knowledge and consent of both parents. To prevent any further reoccurance of past events and due to ongoin estragement from my parents due to emotional abuse.
My ex husband is still in contact with parents and has ? tried to arrnage for children to visit for a party in December without my consent. Invites for both children sent to my adress by grandparents without my consent. I have returned them in post. Children have voiced due to emotional abuse from grandparents they do not wish at this time to have contact with them . Children aged 12 and 14 and able to voice opinions.
Grandparents ? aware of court order as ex husband has discussed court proceedings with them (breech of court as disclosed what was set in court).
My parents are now threatening court action solicitors letter recieved asking for access to grandchildren. Requesting mediation with myself. I have asked for rational as to reason for mediation and reply recieved states for the well being of the children. I am concerned as to the impact this will have on children.
Questions: Does current court order prevent access if I do not agree to it?
Would you recommend mediation to put across to parents via video link mediation reasons for no contact etc.
Do children have to see their grandparents if they don't want to?

  • rubytuesday
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19 Nov 21 - 19 Nov 21 #518159 by rubytuesday
Reply from rubytuesday

Welcome to Wikivorce.

If your order states that any communication between your parents and your children require the consent of BOTH parents beforehand, and that isn't happening because your ex is arranging time with the grandparents without informing you than that's a breach of the Child Arrangements Order. (depending on the exact wording o the order).

Grandparents have no "rights" to see thier grandchildren. You do not have to attend mediation as it is a voluntary process.

Perhaps you could write a letter to your parents setting out why you are not prepared to enter into discussions with them about them seeing your children, and that you are drawing a line under this, and ask them to not attempt to contact you or your children for the foreseeable future.

Grandparent applications for contact aren't usually successful. When a court makes a desicion about child contact/living arrangements, the paramouncy principle is always applied. This means that the welfare of the child is the court's primary concern above everything else. The children's needs, wishes and feelings are complied in a report by CAFCASS, and fed back to the court, and if there are safeguarding concerns these too will have an impact on the eventual outcome.
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