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4 hour hearing?

  • Joe2020
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23 Apr 12 #326101 by Joe2020
Topic started by Joe2020
At todays hearing was told will have to attend a hearing in a few months which will be allocated 4 hours and involves cross examining.

1/What happens,whats the purpose,what do I do?Who cross examines who?I''m lost.

2/Will there be another hearing afterwards?

3/Why did the Judge say at least 4 months to pass till this hearing?Ok if he issued a new contact order today and wanted to see how it runs but its almost identical to the one thats been running since Jan 7th.

Can I write to the court and ask for an earlier date?

  • TBagpuss
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24 Apr 12 #326278 by TBagpuss
Reply from TBagpuss
What is the hearing listed as? Unless the Judge has isted a fact-finding hearing then if it is for 4 hours and including x-amination, it sounds like a final hearing.

usually the process would be:

- If there has been a Cafcass report whcih is not agreed, Cafcass Officer give evidence and can be asked questioned by each party

- Applicant gievs evidence (this is mainly updating anything which has changed since their statement was filed) and can then be cross-examined by the Respondent (or their representative)
- respondent gives evidence(this is mainly updating anything which has changed since their statement was filed) and is cross examined by the Applicant (or their representative)

The Judge can ask any party questions at any time.

I don''t know why the Judge listed it in 4 months time - part of this may be down to availability of court time (i.e. the court does not have 4 hours in front of a family judge (or the same judge) before then.

Did the judge giev any other Directions - e.g. for statemetns, reports etc?

  • Joe2020
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24 Apr 12 #326308 by Joe2020
Reply from Joe2020
Many thanks for your post TB.

In answer to your questions:

I think the Judge said it was a final hearing.He mentioned cross-examinations but nothing about fact finding.

Cafcass are not involved.

Regards the ''statements'',do you mean the position statements?

Sorry to appear thick,but what evidence do I give?

Do you mean for example if she denies I had staying contact of twice per week last year which she has done,do I produce the evidence I have to show I did have 2 nights?

The Judge did not ask for any other reports etc.

I got the impression the Judge stated the earliest date after 4 months just to let the new contact order run a little while even though its almost identical to the last one.
Or it could be my ex said she wanted a chance for the last order to have a long run.
I think this is way too long considering the current contact structure has been running since Jan 7th,and the new almost identical one will run another 4/5 months.

I want to re-establish contact with my son similar to what it was in 2011 and don;t think this delay is in his best interest.

Will they take no notice if i write in highlighting this and ask for an earlier date?

Also do you know if its possible to write to the Judge and complain about his behaviour and no I''m not taking the...?


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