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  • wantmyson
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01 Sep 12 #353182 by wantmyson
Topic started by wantmyson
Hi all, After some advice.

Back at court. Despite the fact after an altercation with my ex wife and being convicted of assault,serving 12 month procbation and doing a domestic violence course it appears that reabilitation of offenders no longer exsisits.

To date I have been excused of poisoning my son by a new partner resulting in 11 days hospital. It was investigated by social services along with numerous other allegations and found to be unfound (son had respiratory virus). i have beeen accuseed by my ex of assaulting my new partner. Considering we don''t live in same area she claims to know I have a drink problem and that I don''t take medication prescribed to me.

I have bi polar but it is claimed i CAN FOOL shrinks into believing I am well.
Despite judge hearing social services report as far as they concerned " I have history". They won''t order allegations to be investigated so how to prove I have learnt from a mistake?

Ex even has family member that all my family disowned willing to tell lies about me in order for them to keep seeing my son.

As funding is not available for independant shrink report contact can''t be supervised but only suggested as withn relative I don''t see. Despite pointing out the conflict I was told "and your point is"

So to summarise :

My partner lives with me with her son and my new son . Social services investigated and found no problems over a year ago but court believes I am risk to my son?

If they really thought that surelly they would be in touch with SS again and they haven''t.

Why can they just see this is a woman scorned who will say anything to punish me for ending the marriage and it has nothing to do with any risks.

I am thinking that there are some battles that you can win and some you can''t. This is one of them as even if I got contact (letters at moment) it would result in more allegations or hassle.

This has been going on 2.5 years and its not good for my health and think I need to think of my other son. He is provided for well by me and I know that is no substitute for a father but I think its time to admit defeat.

Any tips in telling him, bearing in mind CAFCASS read the letter and screen it and have even asked me to delete things and then his mom will see it?

  • carer
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02 Sep 12 #353499 by carer
Reply from carer
Hi Wantmyson,

Are you asking how to tell your son that you no longer wish to write to/contact him? I dont think there is a ''right'' way of doing this - I am sure if you ask CAFCASS what you should do they will give you advice - but it wont be easy and they will be thinking about the impact his will have on your son long-term. I would advise writing the letters and keeping in as much contact as your son wants - keep the door open - things may change and it would be a shock to your son to just stop writing if this is the only contact you have.


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