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CSA and an old debt

  • klopper
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13 Jul 12 #342935 by klopper
Topic started by klopper

Just need some advice on an old debt the CSA have recently brought to my attention.

When my daughter was born the csa got involved because her mum was on benefits. After a while ( 12 months) we decided to manage payments between ourselves.
This was 10 years ago. I have now decided to give up work to look after my new born son.
As i have no income i made an offer of £40 a month as i knew that if she went through the csa she would get nothing but i still wanted to contribute.
She decided that she would go through the csa, (not sue why) but it helps me out a lot.

So i received a letter from the csa asking for money and therefore i informed them i wasnt working, all ok! the problem is that there was an outstanding amount of £700 from 10 years ago of which i knew nothing. Surely they cant suddenly throw this in my face after 10 yrs??
Dont they legally have to send you a report every 12 months on ANY debts you owe?

  • Child Maintenance Options
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23 Jul 12 #344738 by Child Maintenance Options
Reply from Child Maintenance Options

Thanks for your post. It appears that your ex-partner originally applied to the CSA for child maintenance which after 12 months you changed to a family-based arrangement.

Whilst I cannot comment on the exact amounts, it may appear that the CSA were not aware of your move to a family-based arrangement and therefore you accumulated this £700 arrears.

I would therefore suggest that you and your ex-partner ring the CSA to explain the situation and, if your ex-partner is in agreement that you have paid her the monies, she advises the CSA that she has already received them.

With regard to the CSA chasing for arrears, there is no time limit on their ability to chase outstanding debts. When payments are made through the CSA, they will issue a new collection schedule every 12 months. These schedules remain in place for the year except where a change is notified and the child maintenance payment amount has changed.

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