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Who pays childcare?

  • Ppitstop63
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18 Jul 12 #344079 by Ppitstop63
Topic started by Ppitstop63
As I work away from home albeit part time, my son goes to his father. This amounts to 125 nights per year give or take a couple. He is always late, never picks up or takes to school and I pick up the bill for the childcare even though he is in his fathers care..if he''s late I pay the extra......when I am home which is the rest of the time, I have no need for childcare. He pays the minimum he can and is now trying for a baby with his new fiancé which I suspect will result in even less money for my son!!!! I''m getting rather cross, any advice would be a great help..... He''s a bully by the way so I have to word things in such a way that he won''t get cross!!!!! Thanks in advance!

  • zonked
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18 Jul 12 #344098 by zonked
Reply from zonked
I know you won''t want to hear this but you look after your child 2/3rd''s of the year but presumably recieve 100% of the available child benefit and related tax credits - and of course his child maintenance. Seen from that perspective perhaps he might argue that it''s him that has the raw deal?

  • Fiona
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18 Jul 12 #344122 by Fiona
Reply from Fiona
On the other hand having Parental Responsibility means a parent is responsible for delegated child care in "their" time, not all parents with the majority care qualify for huge amounts of tax credits, CB isn''t that much and the average child maintenance calculated by the CSA is only around £33 a week or less if those who are assessed as having zero liability are taken into account.

I think a pragmatic approach is required. If you stopped paying for child care there is a risk the father would reduce contact potentially leaving you with a bigger problem and maybe making it impossible for you to do your job.

  • Child Maintenance Options
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31 Jul 12 #346283 by Child Maintenance Options
Reply from Child Maintenance Options

Thanks for the post. Whilst I cannot comment on the childcare aspect of your post, you can get an indication of what the child maintenance payments your ex-partner should pay by using the child maintenance calculator which you can find on the Wikivorce website, although you will need to have a good idea of your ex partners income in order to obtain an accurate figure.

The calculator will take into account the 125 nights that your son stays with his father as well as the implications on your payments if he was to have another child.

You may find this figure useful as a basis for negotiation when discussing your child maintenance arrangements.

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