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  • mickt
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11 Oct 07 #4634 by mickt
Reply from mickt
if the kids are with your ex every weekend they are going to get a bit spoilt as every dad does. This makes it harder for you. Try putting your foot down a bit more maybes one weekend in two and you spend time with kids. Same goes for Xmas, it's a family time and you deserve as much time as your ex with the kids.
I have moved out from my wife and kids for only 2 weeks and already I am being told that the kids will be spending Xmas day with her family, but I am allowed to see them open the presents on Xmas morning if that is some consolation. I know exactly where you are coming from and that is why you are going to have to be a bit stronger with your ex, you deserve as much quality time as he does!

  • tarot
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24 Oct 07 #5210 by tarot
Reply from tarot
Thanks for everyones replies.
mickt, i see where you are coming from but my children are 13 and 7 and i have already broached the subject about seeing their dad once a fortnight. It didnt go down to well with the children or their dad (when they told him!)
I just want the kids to be happy.

  • loserinlove
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25 Oct 07 #5240 by loserinlove
Reply from loserinlove
This is gonna be my first Christmas since we split - our daughter is 3 and I should be looking forward to it but I'm absolutely dreading it. My ex is coming down Christmas morning to see her open her pressies and then having her and his stepson Boxing Day. The thing I'm really dreading is next year - he want's alternate Christmases, and although some of you on here might think thats fair, I don't - he's taken everything else away from me, I can't let him take my Christmases too.

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