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What is the ideal amount of contact?

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19 Nov 07 #7057 by tigstheterror
Reply from tigstheterror
Hi special dad, i think you should ask your kids what they would like and how they want it,makes sense! be sensible though, and i know sumone is going to say something about my next comment, bear in mind you have your own life to lead too, but there is no reason why your kids shouldn't be included on whatever time you want and they want.I hope a happy medium can be reached,i'm sure it will, but there is no wrong amount or right amount and anyone who berates you for whatever time you wish to have with your children should keep their noses out,it's nothing to do with anyone else!! Well done for being a true father and wanting to know these things,most don't care and in fathers defence, most mothers don't either ,who abandon their kids.
My own experience is i fought for 4 years for my kids dad to HAVE access, he eventually walked away and they are now 21 and 18 respectively,he hasn't seen them since they were 3 and 5,and he dosen't even know he's a grandfather! or that his son has now passed his entrance exam for the RAF!! I never took a penny maintenance and before anyone shouts, i raised my kids myself,working , and never had a penny off the state!!:kiss:
So all dads who fight to see their kids and mums who fight too, get a medal in my book,it's never easy,but go with the flow and go with what you and your kids want and i'm glad that your ex is happy to go with whatever is decided too. Good luck and i wish you well and happiness for the future and a lot of enjoyment with your children,take care,Tigs.B)

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20 Nov 07 #7088 by Specialdad
Reply from Specialdad
Thank you tigs. :)

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