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Will my kids be allowed to see him after all this

  • manicmand
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26 Nov 07 #7786 by manicmand
Topic started by manicmand
I found out in July that my husband of 10 years had been seeing someone else yet again. We have 2 children, 1 aged 9 and one aged 2 in January. I kicked him out and he went to live with her. She has 6 kids and is well known as the local bike. In less than a month of him living with her, I had a phone call from the police asking if he could use my address as his bail address. I told them to ask his floosy, they couldn't because he had hit her, he had broken her cheekbone and badly bruised her. Ah what a shame!!! Anyway, he used his mum & dads address and hardly stayed there and treated them like dirt when he was there constantly lying to them. All the while he was still seeing her which he wasn't supposed to be doing. The police dropped the case so he moved back in with her. Oh by the way she beat him pretty badly too. More of a shame!!! Since all this happened he has been seeing several counsellors and doctors and is apparently suffering from manic depression if you can believe that. I have also recently found out the reason he hit her was because they were arguing over HIS ex-BOYFRIEND. He keeps asking when he can see the kids, I have been advised by solicitor not to let him have any contact with them considering all the above and have told him that he will have to apply to court. She is deranged, she has even been contacting his parents telling them to make the choice over whether to keep in touch with me & the kids or him. They have told her there is no choice they not be in contact with him ever again. I do not feel safe in my own home, I have had several threatening txt msgs and phone msgs from her. He has never paid me any maintenance yet and last week I received 2 tax credit letters saying we had jointly been overpaid by £5800 which he says he is not paying back his half. I am in the process of remortgaging the house in my name and am just waiting for him to sign the transfer of equity which he did agree to do initially. Any help anyone. I don't trust either of them and wouldn't put anything past either of them.

  • sexysadie
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  • Platinum Member
27 Nov 07 #7910 by sexysadie
Reply from sexysadie
At the very least you could try and get a non-molestation order against your ex's new partner.

A court is likely to let your ex see the children unless there is a history of violence towards them, so I would give him some access, maybe supervised. As you are on good terms with his parents then maybe he could see them there, which would help them as they probably don't really want to have to choose between their son and their grandchildren.

Good luck!


  • Specialdad
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27 Nov 07 #7913 by Specialdad
Reply from Specialdad
Phew!! Sounds like an episode from eastenders!!B)

As sexy says get a NMO from the court asap.

Best of luck B)

  • tigstheterror
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30 Nov 07 #8209 by tigstheterror
Reply from tigstheterror
First thing you have to do is get an order stating that he isn't to have any contact with her around,you have to make that clear. As soon as he tries to break that you can have him for breach of contact order. Secondly yes, go for the non molestation order on her, give as much detail and back it up with whatever evidence you can.
Supervised contact may be the nest way forward for you for definite,and safer for the kids. Not sure if i would drag the grandparents into it though, you may get the other woman beating down their door!!
So go for an order for her, keep her away then supervised contact for him,with it clearly stating that he isn't to have her anywhere near the children,once he breaches it you got him, good luck and i hope your kids come out of this with as little damage as possible. He wants shooting btw, his feelings for his kids and their safety should come first,let alone paying for their welfare.
Good luck and try to stay positive,i wish you all the very best,Tigs x

  • loobyloo
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01 Dec 07 #8218 by loobyloo
Reply from loobyloo
Phew wee what a nice man! and new partener.... sound welll suited.
Get shut asap the law will be on your side....keep strong for your kids and yourself

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