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  • loobyloo
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04 Dec 07 #8371 by loobyloo
Reply from loobyloo
You obviously feel very bitter as you feel shafted, my sympathies , myour obviously one of the few good men in divorce.!!!
What i find odd is if csa contacted you in nov and you gave no info how come they have so quickly put an attatchment to your earnings.... ive not heard a thing from csa......i am not in FMH, i have the kids 24/7, so not all men victims,,,,, my x2b is a dispicable man who ignores me and kids and seen us on street literally hes in fmh and earning good money so you see tigs some men deserve whats coming

  • attilladahun
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04 Dec 07 #8379 by attilladahun
Reply from attilladahun
Go onto the CSA website and work out what H would have to pay CSA

If that figure is less than the mtge then you could be shooting yourself in the foot going to the CSA

Yes in the absence of H supplying £ details to them they can assess CSA Assessment which may be higher but in self employment cases H may still not readily pay as CSA cannot use attachment of earnings.

Solr will file Questionnaire after form E filed to get accounts and H tax returns P11D benefits in kind details -Solr will find out H income ie salary and dividends recd and perks he has thro business eg t/p etc paid on business.

Getting taxman involved to carry out a tax investigation is not a smart move as if H called to pay large Tax guess who suffers -you do -less in the pot and H's need for more £ is greater.

If H does not have docs to prove income the Crt can draw adverse inferences

You can no doubt carefully calculate all H spends from Bank Statements, Credit cards etc...if his borrowing hasn't increased his income must be at least and likely gtr than those O/Goings + what he spends on his lifestyle.

  • Fiona
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04 Dec 07 #8386 by Fiona
Reply from Fiona

Without the details your circumstances it's difficult to comment, but if paying the mortgage is a high proportion of your x2b's income it might be unrealistic to claim child support without him having to decrease what mortgage payments he makes. If this is the case as attilla say you may be shooting yourself in the foot by going through the CSA. Although sols don't become involved with the CSA coordination is helpful.

On the other hand, if he has a high-ish income a court might award you maintenance in the interim to cover mortgage payments on top of child support. Factors under consideration would normally be your need and your x2b's ability to pay. Each case is treated on an individual basis.

  • tigstheterror
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04 Dec 07 #8433 by tigstheterror
Reply from tigstheterror
To be honest I would not trust that CSA web site or anything that is on it because they do not follow or adhere to their own rules or guidelines. Just look at what they have done to me, A quick call on the 2nd November no information sent out from them to send in the details they require, the next thing they have have done is just gone for a quick fix and slapped a DEO on me.
They havent asked how many miles I travel to work, which is over 105 miles every day, so bang goes my job in February and guess who suffers then, me then the kids.
Im looking forward to taking them to court.

  • Angel557
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04 Dec 07 #8444 by Angel557
Reply from Angel557
Tell you the truth i doudt you will get that far, CSA do have rules and regulations you cannot change them .CSA 2 takes a percentage of the NRP's net income.I had her 3 kids on my case when they were'nt the relevant other children the system would'nt allow them to be taken off, thats 1 problem amongst many i have had.Even now i have put in a variation it has been passed on to the ex he wants an extention on this what for ? to produce more fake invoices.

  • tigstheterror
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05 Dec 07 #8452 by tigstheterror
Reply from tigstheterror
Sorry Angel but it has already been scheduled for a hearing,i have been told i have grounds and i have paid my money, at the end of the day it only takes one judge to think hang on a minute this isn't right and they will take notice. On another note, yes the CSA do have rules and regulations, but they haven't followed any of their own bloody regs on this so hence the court case.
Too many people in this country sit idly by and don't challenge anything and just accept it, they don't look into what are their rights and stand up for themselves well more fool them.
I know i will pay for my kids welfare,that i don't shirk,it's just the way the so called government system works,it sucks.

  • SerieA
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05 Dec 07 #8508 by SerieA
Reply from SerieA
Im sorry tigs that you feel so bitter, your case is obviously different to mine, your right i'm not complaining whilst living in our home, but if he had been sensible instead of thinking with his dick like most men then we could have come to arrangement about sharing the mortgage unfortunately i wasn't given that courtesy, just told its to be sold. he earns 5x my salary and left household debts that i'm paying so i think that things are even with regards to who's paying what, he has only been asked to contribute something in order that his son can be fed and clothed which i would like to add i'm paying for (HE IS ONLY PAYING THE MORTGAGE, NOTHING ELSE, THE HOUSE HE HAS A FINANCIAL INTEREST IN, SO GOOD GOD UNLESS HE IS A FOOL HE WILL & SHOULD CONTINUE TO PAY IT!!!!)If he is so concerned about his son's welfare then like you he should be doing what he can to make this situation that he made run smoothly who in their right mind would want to see their children out on the street. Maybe you should find out all the facts before you tar us all with the same brush as your ex!!

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