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Can the court's ?

  • Angel557
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02 Jan 08 #9839 by Angel557
Topic started by Angel557
I have moaned alot about the CSA due to there failings regarding getting maintenance from my ex.I feel i can do no more with them as i have called them every week they do nothing despite saying they have these power's and those power's they will not enforce them in my case.I have been with the enforcement team for the past yr and all they have got is 1 months worth of maintenance and i believe he only paid due to our date in court.Seeing as i have to apply in court for extra maintenance for my disabled child i was wondering if any one knew the answer to this given my ex's track record can the court make an order for child maintenance even though the CSA are involved and to come down hard on him if he does not pay there are arrears of around £6,000.As i can not be bothered with the CSA any more they really are the most depressing people to have the misfortune's of dealing with.Also how hard would it be to remove his PR i have asked him to give it up but he will not, he is of no help at all he is a hinderance regarding medical and educational care for my son.

  • tigstheterror
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02 Jan 08 #9848 by tigstheterror
Reply from tigstheterror
im afraid the CSa only go for easy targets and a quick fix like they did with me, yes they do have the powers but they do abuse their powers (well till they meet somebody like me and takes them to court). If it involves hard work for the CSA then forget it its all about easy fixes and to reduce their big debt that they owe. The government need to recover their money easy so im afraid its easy targets they go for.
Best thing to do is sue the CSA for maladministration and keep going on at them do not give in

  • attilladahun
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03 Jan 08 #9857 by attilladahun
Reply from attilladahun
Contact your MP and he will write to the relevant Minister -its amazing how quickly things then seem to get sorted -they usually send a written reply to the MP within a week!!!

Also how hard would it be to remove his PR [Never seen it done in practice!!]

If you get an additional order for son from Crt for his disability and H doesn't pay then ultimately you can issue a Judgment Summons and get him before a Judge -his liberty may then be at risk especially if you can show he wastes money on holidays new cars etc while CM arrears and CSA arrears are outstanding.

  • Fiona
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03 Jan 08 #9892 by Fiona
Reply from Fiona

Just to clarify, currently the courts normally have no jurisdiction over child support so you are stuck with the CSA for that element I'm afraid.

PR is only removed in exceptional circumstances.

  • Mike789
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  • Senior Member
03 Jan 08 #9910 by Mike789
Reply from Mike789
Hi Angel dont give up. Give me a ring tomorrow and we will look at a enforcement plan with the Agency along with court action.


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