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Is mum enough - Radio 5 live

  • Fiona
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10 Apr 12 #322680 by Fiona
Reply from Fiona
Joe2020 wrote:

1/Selected statistics.
2/''How does the American census define fatherless families''?
Figures tell it all.
3/UK suicide rate.How many of those are from fatherless families? Your statistic tells half the story.

The thing is figures don''t always "tell it all" and sometimes fatherless is referred to when people mean the number of children living in single parent or separated families.

Recently a figure of 3.8m UK children living in fatherless families in the UK was banded about. This can''t be accurate because there are only 3.8m children living in single parent families and it is estimated that 12% of lone families are headed by fathers, 3% of separated parents share care 50:50 and there are those cases where shared residence is in different proportions. Then of course there are those children living in fatherless families because their father died who seem to have better long term outcomes than children of separated families.

I don''t think data for the number of youths raised in fatherless families who commit suicide is collected in the UK. It is known that poverty and associated ill health are a major factors here and of course children from separated families are more likely to grow up in families with less money.

  • Joe2020
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10 Apr 12 #322701 by Joe2020
Reply from Joe2020
I don''t think we need statistics etc to tell us what is obvious.That is that a child is better off with two good parents.

Whether or not the child grows up to be a drug seller or a president is irrelevant.

  • happyagain
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10 Apr 12 #322706 by happyagain
Reply from happyagain
So I missed the radio show.
What was the general consensus?

  • Shi Tong
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10 Apr 12 #322758 by Shi Tong
Reply from Shi Tong
I think we all missed the show! hahaha

Then we all came to the consensus here that statistics or not, kids with two good parents are better off than with just a mum! ;)

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