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Next court hearing

  • Phoenix1963
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21 Apr 12 #325655 by Phoenix1963
Topic started by Phoenix1963
Hi Wiki''s,

In court in a few days. Hearing number 3 and I am praying that I can get contact increased from the piffling few hours each weekend.

Before ex pulled plugs (when I filed for residency) she allowed alternate weekends Fri PM to Monday AM and a Wednesday after school.

My question is: What should I present at court in terms of paperwork? Since December, ex has breached order in relation to phonecalls and has often been late to drop off at contact centre (for unsupervised). I have a nasty feeling she is also going to make more false allegations.

I had in mind a chronology of each contact; times etc. And also a draft order with my (realistic) suggestions for a graduated increase.

  • MissTish1
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21 Apr 12 #325660 by MissTish1
Reply from MissTish1
If your ex ''allowed'' (sorry, I hate that expression!) contact every other weekend and Wednesdays after school at one point, then surely the Courts should be seeking to resume contact to that level?

I would advise you submit a Position Statement outlining the contact you feel is beneficial for the child to maintain a healthy, substantial relationship with you, rather that drafting an order.

Why has your previously good contact diminished to a few hours in a contact centre? If the only reason your ex has done this is because you filed for residence, then that is certainly not a valid reason for reducing contact, and the Courts should be seeking to restore the previous arrangement, with half of all holidays thrown in too.

Write a good Position Statement for your next hearing :)

  • Joe2020
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22 Apr 12 #325752 by Joe2020
Reply from Joe2020
Am in the same boat as you so good luck.

Ex cut contact for 2.5 weeks then down to once per week when I filed my C100.

Contact order in Dec did not award same contact as had for the majority of 2011.

Hoping next hearing will do that.

In the meantime we both have the same problem in that our current contact is ''the norm''and what our children have got used to even if its only a few months.
Our exs will use this and say a status quo s in force although a McKensie friend told me otherwise.

Getting it back to previous levels may be difficult and take a while.

As MissT said write a good position statement.Don;t make it look like you''re attacking your ex but list where she has not co-operated with the contact order.Being late etc.If you can prove this even better.

I would ask for the same contact you had before.Why not.The judge can only say no.

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