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First contact weekend for six months.

  • Emma8485
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22 Apr 12 #325778 by Emma8485
Topic started by Emma8485
I will apologise in advance for boring anyone, but had to post about our first weekend. It has taught me so so much, and I hope that as well as the catharis of spilling my guts on here as it were - it may also help others dealing with similar issues.

Where to start.. maybe with the contact order itself, which states that Dad or a responsible person collects the child at the end of the school day - specified time of 3.30 pm. We got an SMS on Friday at 2.30 from Mum who we have not heard from at all since court, saying dont forget she finishes school at 3.15..:angry:She was the one who told them in court what time school finished! So now the order is legally wrong in terms of accuracy. So as not to fall foul of it, we stayed on school grounds til 3.30 - we are wising up.....

Daughter waiting at the door, screams "Daddy" and races across the playground - really excited telling her teacher "Look, I told you my Daddy was collecting me today" - Thats when I got a little emotional and had a sniffle..........

Middle part of the text from mum says she has a cough, cold etc so needs medicine, but dont worry she has everything she needs for the weekend with her. Hmmm, dirty carrier bag with two brand new outfits in, still tagged, new pants and new socks. Shame there was no cardigan, shoes, nightclothes, wash bag or medicine in there (bearing in mind mum knew this weekend was a hotel stay because the first visits have to be in daughters local area), but we do love a trawl round ASDA, as did she picking out lots of new bits - we decided to keep an overnight bag for her in the car, complete with all toiletries etc.

Gave her all her birthday presents, took her for tea, one very happy girl, her and Daddy never left each other all night - she even wanted to jump into our bed at one point! Reveals her teeth hurt cos she still hasnt had the emergency appt to have 5 removed as Mum has been to busy to sort it out. Asks for three baths while we are at the hotel!

Final part of mums text from Friday, and the bit thats really taught me a lesson about what people will say to get what they want! relates back to the position statement where she wanted contact in the locality to ensure daughter could continue with dance classes on Saturdays. Tells him where they are, and they start at 9am. We get her up groaning a little at half seven, get her ready, take her over there, guess what - they dont run classes at that time and it seems she has never been signed up for the 10am class either.... At this point we decided to do what we felt like for the rest of the weekend.

Its been fantastic overall, despite the blatant attempts to make things go wrong, we were determined that they wouldnt. She''s gone back to mum a short time ago asking if we are coming again tomorrow - glaring and telling us two weeks is too long.

Something tells me this aint over by a long shot!


  • ozzywiz
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22 Apr 12 #325781 by ozzywiz
Reply from ozzywiz
That is a brilliant start, glad all went well . she defo should of provided the medicine but im not sure the school would allow medicine to be taken in and held by a child. defo worth you buying some pyjamas for next time but your right all the other stuff should of been provided.

  • stepper
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22 Apr 12 #325786 by stepper
Reply from stepper
I am so glad you had a lovely weekend Emma.

I am sure there will be many more of them.

stepper xx

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