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Ridiculous Question I know? but one I have to ask

  • maisymoos
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23 Apr 12 #326040 by maisymoos
Topic started by maisymoos
My stbx I have have agreed to split main school holidays. He sent me his requests for the dates he wanted which I agreed to and then suggested how to share the remaining days.

He is now disputing when the holidays start and end and is trying to retain the 2 weekends either end.

I have calculated the holidays from the day after they finish school until the day before they return (logical I thought!!!)and ensured days are split equally. They finish on the Friday with an inset day on the Monday so he says this does not count and it is his weekend. Also the official council holiday calendar ends the holiday on the Friday, so he is saying the final weekend is his too.

How do others deal with this? or perhaps others are able to see Sense and deal with fairly?

  • Emma8485
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23 Apr 12 #326043 by Emma8485
Reply from Emma8485
Maybe suggest as there is some confusion have one each ?

  • ozzywiz
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23 Apr 12 #326086 by ozzywiz
Reply from ozzywiz
Defo agree with Emma. .

  • humdrum
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24 Apr 12 #326121 by humdrum
Reply from humdrum
Maisymoos you are right to count the weekends into the holidays as you have done. Judge in my case confirmed that this was how it should be done. If there is no issue with CSA and the number of nights children spend with each party, you could offer to share them as others have suggested, but if your arrangement is for every other weekend and half the holidays and your are getting/paying money for the children via CSA, be careful as the nights you ''give away'' could tip you into a different bracket for how much you will pay/receive.

  • Bobbinalong
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24 Apr 12 #326123 by Bobbinalong
Reply from Bobbinalong
the first agreement is, that if there is a weekend rota in place this is discounted during the kids hols as, a different arranbement is taking place.
Its another case of cake and eat it.
I made similar for xmas, I cant have them much in the summer hols cos of my work, but I put forward a plan in court, which was commended, stating the normal weekend arrangement suspends, and the dates are from 24th dec to 2nd jan where the rota aplpys.
If he is wanting to share the hols, I am sure there is time when the kids are with him which would normally be your time, but it wont count.
I would write stating that the dates start from to Y and the holiday rota will operate between them the normal weekend rota doesnt and then lay out how you have agreed.
If, he does not see this, then suggest the normal weekend routinue continues and he can have what some of us get which is a week if we are lucky...

  • hawaythelads
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24 Apr 12 #326134 by hawaythelads
Reply from hawaythelads
Once the kids get to 12 and 14 you''d better put in the agreement that they''d rather spend all their school holidays hanging around with their mates and can''t think of anything more lead and boring than their parents :blink:
All the best
Pete x

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