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How to deal with ex lying to child?

  • Emma8485
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06 May 12 #328722 by Emma8485
Reply from Emma8485
You could try when he does things like that saying "Im sorry darling Daddy must have forgotten to tell me he wanted to take you on holiday" and "Oh Daddy must have got muddled up about the toy" As she gets older she will see through lies - both of mine do and my youngest is six


  • perin123
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06 May 12 #328778 by perin123
Reply from perin123
We seem to all have an ex from the same mould!!

Mine lies to our son, who is 12 and thankfully knows exactly what is going on, but it''s still upsetting and confusing for him.

Actually my ex lies to me, his OW and himself.......... Latest nasty email from him made me upset, angry and laugh all at the same time. Was talking to a friend and she said she had read similar stuff and people had been diagnosed by psychologist as a Narcissist.

Now it all makes sense, unfortunately my son is still in the middle. He''s at ex''s this weekend, I dread him coming back as there''s always trouble and upset after, and I spend days picking up the pieces.

Jenna you have my sympathy, I spent 2 years defending my ex so as not to upset my son, but now I just smile or scream and count to 10!!!

  • ozzywiz
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07 May 12 #328869 by ozzywiz
Reply from ozzywiz
Children will defo realize for themselves in time. im res parent to 5 and my eldest who is 11 has been promised everything from her mother such as laptops etc never to get anything in 2 years.
About a year ago she had a friend of the same age with her and my daughter said to me that her mum was going to buy her a laptop, her friend said to her "dont believe everything your told cause she will just let you down like my dad does" . . .
From that point I realized there is no need for me to bad mouth her mum cause they do realize themselves.

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