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ex wifes family being unhelpfull at phone contact.

  • diggingdeep
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27 Jun 12 #339601 by diggingdeep
Topic started by diggingdeep
well rang the children this evening...and was told my extended family there are not here ,and they do not know there whereabouts or time of return with there mum( ex wife ) .very unhelpfull family member choosing to turn a blind eye to this shoddy attitude.only get two phone contacts a week so last thing i need is people ,taking my childrens phone contact of them..same old story...dad fobbed of with a poor effort as per usual...eventually rang again ...and did finally speak with my kids..even tho it was short.... ex wife offers no explanation. but just hides behind ..awful descisions.

it was hilarious...extended family had idea of young kids whereabouts with the mum..

phone contact on the selected days nothing new.so they know excatly whats happening..but ex always messes about.

just wish this person get a grip.and correctly think of the other parent.

  • disneybunny
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28 Jun 12 #339726 by disneybunny
Reply from disneybunny
If it was just the one time let it go these things happen. Unless it keeps happening then you can make a note of how and when access is being denied.

  • diggingdeep
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28 Jun 12 #339767 by diggingdeep
Reply from diggingdeep
Well it seems my phone contact and contact where we go for tea ..seems dependant on ex,s mood . I know lt sounds laughable ,but sadly it is true.umm basically phone contact recently may and june .,is one child will be there ..but other child is not there or just lame poor excuses to minimise phone contacts ..

When I mentioned this today in a non confrontaitional way -ie .by saying to her to " stick to the aggreemant " I got an aggressive response via verbal language..

As I have whinged on in previous posts ..just same old story dads being routinely fobbed of .

Shame that I.. really don''t see why a parent should aggree to something ..then go back on there word .
And try to hinder as much as possible contact ,in certain ways ..

The way I see she could easily improve contact in many ways ..by sticking to it 100%.

At end of the days kids lose it..anyone can tell you that ..but you will get these people who see it almost as a way of getting back at the other partner.via this destructive behaviour. Rest assured I am not going anywhere .and will never be scaremongered of by the ex wife .I owe it to my lovely kids to always try..and never giveup on them .don''t really see why dads should be "fobbed off" .. Laugh what you will ..but this is how it is for many dads.

Fair does making a note of it ..yeauh sounds real good
I don''t see the sense why ex plans something which will interfere with contact with the children .
This is not the way forward at all ..but sadly her mindset is fixed on ."Disrupting contact". With tension.

I am not remtely interested at all in her foul langauge . I will not be scared of with thuggish words.

As if I''m going to give up on my lovely kids because ..ex wants to reaffirm her position .she needs to think long and hard shouting at a good dad in the street .when he has arrived to visit the children..is I can only describe as sheer embarassment .

I hope things go better for me on the weekend ,when I visit them again.


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