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Reasonable Contact

  • NotGuilty
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09 Aug 12 #348366 by NotGuilty
Topic started by NotGuilty
My daughter is 10 mnths old. Currently visiting her in a contact centre every fortnight for an hour. I have been for mediation, asking ex to increase my time and she has refused. Thinking of applying to courts. How much contact shall I ask for? What would be reasonable? I have been visiting in the contact centre since April. Would half a day be reasonable?

  • minxy1912
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  • Elite Member
09 Aug 12 #348383 by minxy1912
Reply from minxy1912
Think it depends on the reason why you have to visit a contact center. I would make it clear that you want as much contact as possible, but may be just ask for an hour a week OUT of the contact center.

  • jslgb
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  • Platinum Member
09 Aug 12 #348390 by jslgb
Reply from jslgb
I agree with minxy.

Whatever the reasons your currently seeing your child in a contact centre will be put before the court and most probably CAFCASS who deal with the child''s welfare will become involved to assess the situation.

Your first port of call will be gaining access away from the contact centre. You could propose this for a certain mount of weeks or months before you ask for it to steadily progress over a period of time.

Are you named on your daughters birth certificate?

  • NotGuilty
  • NotGuilty's Avatar Posted by
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  • Senior Member
09 Aug 12 #348397 by NotGuilty
Reply from NotGuilty
Yes I am named on the birth certificate.

  • zonked
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09 Aug 12 #348403 by zonked
Reply from zonked
A couple of options...

1. Contact the Family Mediation Service and ask they make contact with your ex for the purposes of agreeing a parenting plan together. Will cost about £50 a session, may be several sessions in front of you. If your on a low income I think you can get a reduction.

2. You could apply for a contact order. If your not elegible for legal aid you might want to consider representing yourself.

Being names as father on the birth certificate gives you ''parental responsibility'' but is not linked to contact per se.

  • WhiteRose
  • WhiteRose's Avatar
  • Moderator
  • Moderator
09 Aug 12 #348420 by WhiteRose
Reply from WhiteRose
What are the reasons for Contact Centre?

1 hour a fortnight is not enough to build up the bond with you and your daughter!

If I was you I''d push for more - to start with 2 hours per week sessions non-Contact Centre and build up to a half day Sat or Sun to an all day Sat or Sun etc.

Obviously depending on the reason for Contact Centre ...............


  • sexysadie
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  • Platinum Member
09 Aug 12 #348446 by sexysadie
Reply from sexysadie
An hour a week is not enough to build a relationship with a child of this age. Little and often is best - maybe an hour every other day if that is possible.

However, it is incorrect to say that if you have parental responsibility you are entitled to 505 access (and that term is no longer used in any case). Contact with parents is a child''s right. Parents do not have rights regarding contact, and there are no rules about how much. The idea is to have the amount of contact that is best for the child''s needs.

Zonked''s suggestions are sensible. If you cannot agree in mediation you should apply for a contact order. You need to ask for something that your child can cope with and that will work practically for both you and her mother. Probably it is best to ask for a gradual increase - given how little you have at present any increase will be gradual in any case.

Best wishes,

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