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Breaking contact order

  • jimal276
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14 Oct 12 #360959 by jimal276
Topic started by jimal276
Please help, would really love some advice.

After lengthy court battle my ex was granted 3 years of contact for 2 visits a year, supervised for 2 hours a go by a contact centre. He was granted 2 x phone calls a week on agreed day. He was also told he could not apply back to the court for 3 years and must abide to ruling.

Everything was all ok for first year then child was old enough to really understand everything and didn''t want to speak on phone twice so we verbally agreed 1 x phone call a week. Contact was ok for the first 3 times and then although the calls continued he didn''t show up to any more contact and no excuse was given at time. The court order has now ceased as approx 6 months ago and is threatening me to go back to court to get access as I have denied him his request now to see his daughter. I have allowed the calls to continue but he breached the court order by not showing up for over a year to any access.

Does anyone know where I stand? I didn''t go back to the court to tell them he didn''t show up, but as it was a supervised visitations I have proof of the no shows as they were set for a specific date. His last words to me today were "I should''ve taken her when I left you" He lives miles away from us but I don''t want his to see her with fears he wouldn''t return her.

It cost me a small fortune in legal fees before which I am still paying! I cannot afford a solicitor to go back to court and this is really distressing me, the child doesn''t have any interest in her father and upon asking doesn''t want to see him, can someone please help with advice?

Thanks :)

  • spooky
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14 Oct 12 #360960 by spooky
Reply from spooky
As long as you always had your child available on those contact dates you have nothing to fear.
You don''t say how old the child is.
Does she want to see her Father after 6 months?
Can you go to family mediation in the first instance?
If he does take you back to Court you can self rep, I did ( with help from Wiki) and it wasn''t as daunting as you think.

  • jimal276
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14 Oct 12 #360964 by jimal276
Reply from jimal276

My child is now 8 almost 9, she hasn''t seen her father for almost 2 years now, last contact was December 2010 for 2 hours. He was allowed to send her a magazine monthly these are infrequent at best, he promises her he has sent them but it''s usually a month or so later it turns up!

No Christmas presents or birthday presents have been sent either, even though these were agreed to be allowed.

mediation is not an option, we are well beyond that. I have kept the calls in place even though I don''t have to for the good of my child but she is very non committal about seeing him as far as she is concerned she knows who he is but has no interest in seeing him.

He is now getting nasty and I don''t know whether I should cease all contact?

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