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Worried about location to school affect on custody

  • Melody Pond
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03 Jun 18 #502021 by Melody Pond
Topic started by Melody Pond
Myself and Husband are nearing the end of financial settlement,
He begrudgingly accepted the children spending 4 nights a fortnight, every other weekend for 2 nights plus one night mid week every week plus half the school holidays with him. They are now 10 and 12 (being 7 and 9 when we separated) But he has made it clear he wants 50:50 or at least 3 nights a week term time and has started contacting my elder child directly to try and persuade him to ask to go to his house another night a week every week.

One child already gets the school bus to school 20 mile away whilst the other is at local primary. I am concerned that when my other child goes to secondary school and is also on the bus my husband has said he will move house to walking distance from their secondary school and use this as a means to fight for greater custody.
Myself and my eldest child dont want to relocate, we like this town , i have work in this area, me and my eldest have friends and my parents here. My youngest doesn’t mind. I know me and the kids can make new friends and I can get a new job if we move closer to the kids school but they have had a lot of upset with the divorce and upheaval this past 18 months so I don’t think relocating And creating even more change is good for them.
My husband had a nervous breakdown and quit his job and has not worked since we Seperated, he has no ties so can live where he likes.
I am worried When my husband buys a house Near school he could argue the kids are better off living with him and visiting me instead of the other way around.
At the moment we both live in the same town with the same commute to school for the kids and they are content with the current amount of time they spend with their father, preferring to live with me. I realise when they are older teenagers they may wish to spend more time with him, especially if he lives walking distance from school rather than a bus ride, but my overriding priority so far has been consistency and stability ( I have been a full time mum and their primary carer all their lives) Neither of the children wanted to spend any time going back and forth between two homes during the school week but recently I increased the contact to include a couple school nights. It’s a struggle to keep on top of school uniforms and kit going back and forth but for one day a week it’s doable and I felt it was good for the kids to see their dad more than just every other weekend. but it would be hellish if we are not living in the same town with no ability to nip round to collect or drop off something.
Any advise
Would a court deem it better they live with parent closer to school? Would they take into consideration his mental health , it’s one of the reasons I felt full 50:50 was not wise.

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