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False allegation

  • AlienatedDad1
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1 year 2 months ago #507567 by AlienatedDad1
False allegation was created by AlienatedDad1
Hi all,
I am a divorced, separated dad with a 5 year old.
Over the last 5 years I have been in and out of court to establish meaningful contact with my child.
In 2017 I got to a stage where I had an order which was typical for a NRP, overnight contact every other weekend and equal split of school holidays (which would begin from summer 2018 as we phased increased contact over a period of time).
Well, just before I could achieve equal split of holidays last summer, my ex made false allegations against me that resulted in a police investigation and all contact being suspended for 5 months as the police and children’s services investigated it (my child placed on a CIN plan as a result). Last October the case was closed by both Police and Children’s services who took my little one off a CIN plan and okayed overnight contact to be re-established. I also began court proceedings against my ex for full custody due to her actions as she was seemingly happy for my child to be classified as CIN purely to disrupt contact. Following just one week of the reinstated contact, my ex got the investigation re-opened by the police and the council resulting in contact once again being stopped (I have not had any meaningful contact with my child for a year). The police investigation lasted 7 months this time and was again closed – there was no evidence with the police in their reports (which they were ordered by the courts to disclose as part of the court application saying the allegation was unlikely and there was no evidence). In addition multiple social workers have also stated that the allegations appear to be orchestrated by my ex. However, despite the police case closing, the council are now considering escalating to child protection and are not in agreement to re-establish overnight contact– I have asked them on what basis they are doing this considering that their own social workers have said the allegations appear orchestrated.

I am considering filing a complaint to the police about my ex perverting the course of justice in light of multiple agencies including police stating that the allegations were coached and inconsistent etc.

I just want to know if anyone has faced a similar situation and how things panned out for them?


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  • Allcry
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1 year 1 month ago #508083 by Allcry
Replied by Allcry on topic Re:False allegation
If you are making a complaint ask for all your records ASAP. As evidence like cameras seems to get deleted by accident, or as a process. Just before time to get records to you. Ask for it ALL.

Later find and use a lawyer. The Police complaints team and the police who arrested you will be \"friends\".

And will it never be seen as misconduct? Even if your officer promises to do something and then cannot be reached.

At your complaint reasonable questions like, \"what decision was made to treat my allegation at this level?\", will be treated as a refusal to co-operated with the investigation.

they unusually downgrade your complaint to the lowest, unless you can find the correct police manual that says something about conduct. Also, your time is best spent getting records removed, and child contact Etc.

If you still feel aggrieved, check legal aid and or use the ombudsmen.

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  • Carlsberg71
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1 year 1 month ago #508122 by Carlsberg71
Replied by Carlsberg71 on topic Re:False allegation
Hi there,
I feel your pain. Unfortunately I found no one wants to listen to the ex dad with alleged assault charges against them. The judge will nearly always take the mother’s side. Next thing your ex will be doing, if she hasn’t already is going to the family court for a non molestation order against you. Again, she can make up lies, offer no evidence at all and you STILL end up with an order against you.
Google Amanda Sillars parental alienation. She’s an incredible help.
Good luck in your fight for your child.

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