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School photos

  • Loyalty
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30 Mar 12 #320899 by Loyalty
Topic started by Loyalty

My fiance is having difficulties obtaining his daughters school photos. you need a pass code to order them, which we understand is on the photo proofs which is given out at school & they are then ordered online with the company.

His daughter does not visit hence given despite his encouragement and failed court order, so he was unable to get the proof code to order online. He asked the school for them but they are refusing to cooperate saying that they ''only facilitate'' the photos & they have nothing to do with getting the proof codes. they advised him to ask the ex- which is pointless as she has refused before.
We asked the school how all the other parents get the proof codes, but they did not answer, just repeated they are only the facilitaters and the contract is between the parents. All the school have said is that they have taken legal advise and have nothing to do with the photos, and they are not treating him any differnetly to all other parents.
Anyone got any ideas what to do now? Is it worth sending a letter from his solicitor? (He has full parental responsibility)

  • halfadad
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30 Mar 12 #320903 by halfadad
Reply from halfadad
I dont think the school can do anything so sending a letter to them would be pointless.

I think that the code is on the proofs, the school dont keep a copy of the code the proofs are now with mum.

COuld you write to mum asking for the code?

Or could you contact the photo company and see if they can provide you with the code, r go in and view some proofs?

  • AnnoyedMummy
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  • Platinum Member
30 Mar 12 #320904 by AnnoyedMummy
Reply from AnnoyedMummy
Unfortunaty, there is nothing the school can do. When the children have their pictures taken, the proofs get sent to the school in sealed plastic, and then given to the parents. The school don''t have anything to do with them, apart from passing them along. One of the parents in our school lost her proof and the school couldn''t give her a new one.

  • happyagain
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  • Platinum Member
30 Mar 12 #320907 by happyagain
Reply from happyagain
I would recommend contacting the photo company directly. We have done this before (although the school were happy to pass on the details) and been forwarded copies of pics that were 3 or 4 months old. After all, the photo company is a business and will want to gain as much money as they can from each pic. I can''t imagine they would want to turn this down.

  • greebobeebo
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  • Premium Member
30 Mar 12 #320928 by greebobeebo
Reply from greebobeebo
Not much help, but,

I send my ex, his sons school photos, just so he doesn''t forget he has him. If I don''t then he can get away with his weak excuse of it being to emotionally draining being a part time dad.

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