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anyone been to speech therapy appointments?

  • Bobbinalong
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05 Jul 12 #341388 by Bobbinalong
Topic started by Bobbinalong
not entirely on my approval, my son is going to speech therapy appointments, four in all i believe, i am going to two of them.

I wonder if anyone has experience of these?

When i say not on my approval, don''t shoot me down just yet.
The school and ex put him forward for this and i didn''t know for a month. Eventually got to speak to the therapist and she was very good and listened to what I had to say on my half.
My son does appear to have a kind of, well its as much a pause really when he thinks about what to say, sometimes he repeats his first sentence over put growing out of that.
After he has been with me for 24 hrs or more it has disappeared. I love both my kids very much but they are different, one is a boy one is a girl. so love in different ways, obviously I have a special bond with my son as he likes play fighting and all the usual stuff, he obviously doesn''t get at mums house.
The biggest difference is, that at mums house, girls rule, my daughter is allowed to talk over my son, finish his sentences etc, he does get frustrated and angry, I don''t allow this, I give each there time to speak and not be interrupted.

Hence, I believe this is a problem of mum''s household, not my son''s problem. He is I believe reacting as best he knows how to make himself heard.
At times when there is a group at my house, he will sometimes shout attention everybody, so that people listen to him.
When he has something to tell me, I always stop and get down to his level, letting him know he has my full attention. I think sometimes he is overwhelmed at this response as he doesn''t get it at mums....

I am going to the first appointment in the next week and just wondered how it goes, if anyone has been to this sort of thing?

  • vivi36
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05 Jul 12 #341392 by vivi36
Reply from vivi36
My daughter went to speech therapy at 5.How old is your boy Bobbing?

It was really interesting. If she can''t say it right then she can''t be expected to spell it right, knock on. Turned out that my daughter was a mouth breather and we had to teach her to breath through her nose. And trying to get her to ''TH'' instead of ''f''

Yours will obviously be different to mine. All very interesting though. The fun part will be relaying the homework to the ex and asking her to enforce it.

Enjoy it and good luck with the last bit


  • jslgb
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05 Jul 12 #341394 by jslgb
Reply from jslgb
I took my daughter for an assessment on the schools advice when she was 4. I hadnt noticed a problem and didnt entirely agree with them but i thought it best to go anyway. I''m assuming your son has already had this meeting so you know what happens there!!

My daughter didnt need any therapy so we didnt have to go back but i wouldnt worry about it. If you''ve mentioned your concerns about your son not having the opportunity to speak at home i''m sure they will take this into account and work with him to help this.

I have a friend who is currently studying to be a speech therapist so if you have any specific questions you''d like me to ask her let me know and i''ll get onto her asap for you.

  • Bobbinalong
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06 Jul 12 #341432 by Bobbinalong
Reply from Bobbinalong
thank you both, he is 5 just turned 6.
I understand about the mouth breathing, though not sure.
As for relaying the homework, thats her bit as i don''t see them much during the fortnight.
As long as she listens to me and understands my concerns and does not overlook what is happening in his life and just looks on it as HIS problem I think it will be fine.

  • blonde cazza
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06 Jul 12 #341433 by blonde cazza
Reply from blonde cazza
Hello my son has done these lessons at the age of 13!,They do listen to you and at first picture build a picture of family life etc.

  • Forseti
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  • Moderator
06 Jul 12 #341457 by Forseti
Reply from Forseti
I had speech therapy at the age of 5 - I said ''f'' for ''th'' and couldn''t pronounce ''s'' sounds (''hun hine''). I seem to remember they didn''t last long and sorted me out in a couple of sessions. They did tend to coincide with visits from my granny, though.

Your son''s problem sounds more like the problems all men have trying to make themselves heard in a room full of women.:silly:The response may reflect the general trend to pathologise normal male bahaviour. If they start prescribing Ritalin you should worry.

  • PetalsInTheWind
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06 Jul 12 #341460 by PetalsInTheWind
Reply from PetalsInTheWind
Hi Bobbin,
My own son had speech therapy for over a year when he was younger than this and he thoroughly enjoyed every session. He also had to return for a few sessions when he started losing his teeth as this affected his speech again. A good speech therapist adapts the lessons to the individual child.
I have worked with many children having speech therapy and worked with their speech therapists and I can honestly say I have never seen a child harmed from it or even one that doesn''t enjoy it. Speech problems, even minor ones affect children''s self confidence as they get older so addressing them at an early stage is very important. Speech therapists do a fabulous job
In your post you say that the school and the ex referred him. I assume the school are seeing some areas of concern too. If you are concerned that your son is not being listened to at home I would be careful about linking these concerns to the speech therapy as she will be able to say that you are objecting to the speech therapy which may appear unreasonable.
The speech therapist will work on what your son needs. This may be breathing, specific sounds, sentence building, pace of speech or whatever his specific issue is.

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