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disability Living Allowance

  • Notgiving up
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15 Aug 12 #349750 by Notgiving up
Topic started by Notgiving up
Ex claims DLA for my son. I have just after 3 years of asking got a copy of the entitlement letter. In this letter it states that he is entitled to mobility. Dont know t what rate as it has been blackened out. With his disability (aspergers) i have been asking ex for the reason as i cannot see why he gets it as has no problemm in getting around, is able to go to the shops on his own, walk home from schoolmalone. Ex has sent a letter to say stop harassing her with asking for a reason. If i dont stop she will apply for a non molestation order to stop me texting. Am i wrong to ask for this information, or should information like this be something that should be shared between parents?

  • SilverFir
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  • Platinum Member
15 Aug 12 #349755 by SilverFir
Reply from SilverFir
There are only two rates of the mobility element of DLA - low rate (paid from 5y onwards) or high rate (paid from 3y onwards). High rate is notoriously hard to get, your child pretty much has to be unable to walk at all. I wouldn''t expect an aspie to warrant high rate unless they have an additional physical disability (most fully autistic children don''t get high rate, let alone aspies).

I don''t know whether you''re entitled to the information or not, sorry.

  • Notgiving up
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16 Aug 12 #349815 by Notgiving up
Reply from Notgiving up
Thank you for your reply,

Am thinking more of people opinions on do I push her for a reason why he is getting the mobility part, more for am i going to potentially put him into a situation eg walking to the shops or home from school. I know my son and believe he will manage fine, he is ok when he is with me, but i dont know how he is with the ex.

I think that a reason should be given, just after other peoples thoughts


  • Linda E
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  • Senior Member
16 Aug 12 #349926 by Linda E
Reply from Linda E
If you google DLA high rate mobility the basics/ autism/ aspergers syndrome you will get your answer -sorry can''t provide the link on my ipad

  • carer
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26 Aug 12 #352064 by carer
Reply from carer
Hi Help me Please,

My first thoughts are why do you need to know? Mobility is given to people/children if they need help when out and about (i.e. if your son was prone to running away and not listening as he might not understand danger then he would need an adult with him to make sure he was safe)- there can be many reasons why someone is given mobility - it doesnt mean they cant walk - it just means they cannot be left alone at certain times and they need a responsible adult with them to keep them safe. Could it be that your son gets distressed in groups of people for example?

In order to get mobility you have to meet the criteria - so your ex-wife wouldnt be able to cheat the system.

As long as your son is happy and safe when he is with you then I wouldnt worry why there is mobility awarded and think of it as an added bonus that helps to make life easier for him.


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