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future framework cohabitation

  • willow33
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3 years 8 months ago #488943 by willow33
future framework cohabitation was created by willow33
I am now divorced with a favorable outcome thanks to the help from this forum. I've been divorced after 18yr marriage now for 3yrs and have been dating one man some would say rebound. Boyfriend now wants more, I have said I will never marry again I'm 54 own home owner house in my name. I am terrified of letting anyone even live with me, I've been divorced twice.
legally if I ever were to have anyone live with me how can I ensure that they have no rights at all. I live on my own daughters 20 at university and this is her home when she's finished uni and galavanting. I'm so scared I think I will be on my own forever because of my distrust in men. Boyfriend mentioned lives in a flat. I own my own home. Please can anyone give me their point of view please food for thought on this.
Willow xx

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  • pendlewitch
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3 years 7 months ago #489196 by pendlewitch
Replied by pendlewitch on topic Re:future framework cohabitation
Tricky one - but basically if you are the sole owner and your partner makes no investment in your property at all, ie home improvements, mortgage payments, then it would be difficult for him to lay a \"beneficial interest\" in your property should you later separate. You could protect yourself by obtaining a \"living together\" agreement that would set out what would happen to each party's solely owned assets in the event of your co-hab relationship breaking down. You would really need to talk this through with a solicitor.

My advice would be if you don't feel \"ready\" to take that next ginormous step in your relationship, then don't. Or at least, not until you feel it is right to do so. If this chap is the right one for you, he will wait and understand why you are reticent to put yours and your daughter's home at any kind of risk.

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  • Clawed
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  • Platinum Boarder
3 years 7 months ago #489204 by Clawed
Replied by Clawed on topic Re:future framework cohabitation
Not sure how much weight it carries but in anticipation of my marriage in April my new partner and I have an officially signed and witnessed prenuptial agreement it was bought on line from a reputable source so technically legally correct but cheaper than the service the solicitor offered. It was a living together agreement but we had to put in about the anticipated marriage so it remained effective once we marry. It states that my house remains mine and he accrues no interest in it even if he contributes during the marriage, that his daughter has no rights to it in event of his death and that he has 6 months right to stay in the event of my death.
There were lots of other editable sections about contributions, debts, savings and inheritances etc. but we kept it simple in that everything is joint except the house.
The fact that we had such a document witnessed should count for something should there be any disputes in the future and my partner felt better being able to show my grown up children that he wasn't after their inheritance (as if - we are busy spending the lot but that's another story).

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