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he has is own home

  • Steffi321
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3 years 8 months ago #490367 by Steffi321
he has is own home was created by Steffi321
I own my house which my boyfriend/partner would stay in mainly. He has his own flat (rented).

We parted 2 weeks ago. He has unnerved me due to accessing my house when I'm out.

1st time he came was two days after he left to collect most of his things.

I then started to leave my key on the inside of the front door so he couldn't let himself in.
I would leave via the back door and garage but he still got in.

I view his actions as intimidating due to the fact he did not take the remainder of his things but fed the cat and moved things around.

I then stated leaving my mobile phone at home with voice recorder on when I went out.

The last time he entered my home my son came to visit and found him there. He told my son he was just collecting his things and then left.
He hadn't taken his things and the voice recording showed that he had been in my home for over an hour, going through my draws, paperwork and what sounded like him accessing my laptop.

I have today changed the locks.

I want to take his belongings and leave them outside of his flat. I don't want to see or speak with him (he is psychologically abusive which took me along time to wake up to...alas).

I need to do things right. I worry about any retaliation if he sees any weakness he can use to his advantage (whether that be financial or what he thinks is fun).

Does any one know of any advantage he could take legally against me? I've been told that he could claim a benefit from my property due to the work he has done. Has he a right to enter my home?

Also would leaving his belongings outside come back to bit me in any way?

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  • spinit
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3 years 8 months ago #490369 by spinit
Replied by spinit on topic Re:he has is own home
Could you not ask your son to take his things around to him but do it in a fakey nice way like you were doing him a favour or thought he might be needing such and such an item.

If your not married then it's down to property law and I very much doubt he has any claim but you could run it past a property lawyer at justanswer for around £15 per question or most practices will have a property lawyer you could ask for a definitive answer.

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