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Ex mil & ex partner threatening to abduct children

  • missk9
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04 Sep 15 #466353 by missk9
Topic started by missk9
Pleaseplease can someone please help me,my relationship was rocky due to mypartners high use of cannibis and obvious need of a doctor due to mental health issues, we didnt speak for 2 weeks with him on the sofa and then it all blew up one evening and he got very aggresive and scared me and the children. By co-incidence his mum turned up ten minutes after this fight.. my parents were also called round as things were getting volitile... anyway i was called downstairs to his mother sitting there and starting to tear holes into me... she then delivered what seemed like a premeditated plan to leave with her son and take my two youngest children with her, i am also due another baby in december and she also said she would take this baby when born too. I am an amazing mum and i have no idea where this plan has been hatched from, but my ex partner sat there in silence and just let her speak it. Police were called and removed my mil and partner from my home. I have then been advised to not issue any contact to the father until i have some sort of legal advice etc. We are not married but he has parental responsibility. His mother also mentioned she is planning to move abroad.I am obviously now very concerned that they are planning to snatch the children away. The police have on camera her threat saying she wants " children with me and mother at a distance" - I have a meeting with a solicitor booked but please if anyone could give me any advice here that would be great as i have little money to pay solicitors but need to know my children will be safe. I would lastly like to mention that i am a decent amicable lady who would never keep children from their father.. but i have now been put into this position were they have threatened to take my children who are 3 and 1 and not return them.

  • Survived
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04 Sep 15 #466355 by Survived
Reply from Survived
OMG! That''s so awful!!! What are they thinking? Do the children have passports? They wont be able to take them abroad even if they manage to get them away from you if they haven''t and now that the police are involved there should be an alert at the passport office if they apply for passports. Hide their birth certificates just in case. I''d also get the locks changed and have a friend or relative stay over or go and stay with your parents. That''s all the advice I can give, I''m sorry. There are very wise Wiki''s here who will be able to advise you legally. Take care and keep your babies close.

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