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Left due to co-ercive behaviour, regaining life?

  • Haneefama
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2 years 6 months ago #500115 by Haneefama
I was cohabiting 50/50 (Deeds still in both names) but fled for my own safety in September. Seen him afterwards and said he'd be co-operative. Hasn't (as expected). In 6mths he's done nothing to arrange ReMortgage or lodger & is currently in arrears.
He insists I pay Mortgage even though I'm not there & not even allowed to visit it. My parents paid the deposit & I'm losing all equity...How do I force sale?
I know he'll be very unco-operative (I've been threatened by Solicitor letter & by text) & there's no way I'm paying for the process in order for him to not allow entry or not allow the sale to proceed.
There are still possessions of mine at property & he's not even allowing me access. I want to get my property back, sell the house & make sure I never have contact with him again.
Not married, no children.
I've a Solicitor who's done nothing but photocopy replies from his Solicitor back to me. Will struggle to pay his bill but I'm looking for another representative...
Where can I go next? Can I apply to the Courts to force Sale without legal representation or what sort of proof to I need to gather together to prove this is just a continuation of his Domestic Abuse even though I've physically escaped...
Thank you.

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  • Grrrrrrrrrr01
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2 years 6 months ago #500117 by Grrrrrrrrrr01
Replied by Grrrrrrrrrr01 on topic Re:Left due to co-ercive behaviour, regaining life?
Hi Haneefama

Sadly, if it's a joint mortgage, you are both responsible regardless wether you are living there or not.You both an agreement with your mortgage lender, that it would be paid, they don't care who pay's, how you pay, they just want their money back.

He can't refuse you entry to a joint property, maybe send confirmation via email, text etc to say that you will be around to collect items on.....day at .....time & make sure you take a friend. If he has changed the locks, call the Police, he cannot lock you our of your home.

If you feel your legal team isn't up to much, then get another legal team asap. Instruct your current team that you are not happy with there representation for you & you would like your final bill, it could make all the difference in a settlement.

Like you my Ex & i had no children together, & i tried to \"Force a Sale\" through the courts, it ended with her having the house, cost me ££££££££'s many thousands infact & i walked away with the clothes on my back. We are over 4 years on, & i'm still tied to the mortgage for a house i can't claim on, or now live in, The judge ruled in her favour, but i'm now in the situation, i can't get a mortgage as the lender will not release me, purely for the fact, if the Ex fails to pay up, they can still come after me. So i'm now stuck in grotty rented property for the foreseeable future.

I urge to get a new legal team if you have no confidence in your current team....It could cost you dearly, like it has me.

Best Wishes......G

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  • HRabbit
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2 years 6 months ago #500148 by HRabbit
Nothing to add really, just reading your last response makes my blood go cold!

I escaped with a 45/55 split and the house forced to be sold. ok it is not sold yet for various devious reasons, but I wondered why you got nothing from the house?

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