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New partners finances being demanded by ex

  • Sophie J
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  • Junior Member
24 Dec 21 #518447 by Sophie J
Topic started by Sophie J

As expected the financial hearing is turning vile.
Their solicitor is demanding I disclose my new partners finances & assets as part of the financial hearing.
How do we legally stand on this as there are mixed opinions online.

My solicitor seems to think I have to get this info from my partner, but other friends who have also been divorced said their new partners didn’t have to, (as they are not involved in the marriage or finances) & their solicitors defended that & refused to involve them.

I am not financially linked to my new partner. We are not married, and all the bills are in their name. We keep our finances totally separate, but this is not good enough for they ex apparently.

My partner is of the mind set that they will submit their info only if the judge sees fit.

Can anyone advise on this what the legal stance is on this? I’ve been upfront on the form E that I’m in a relationship and we live together, my outgoings etc but the ex is hell bent on dragging my partner in to the court-circus.


  • WYSPECIAL's Avatar
  • Moderator
  • Moderator
24 Dec 21 #518448 by WYSPECIAL
Reply from WYSPECIAL
Tell them that you don’t have the information, your partner refuses to give it to you and if they want it they’ll have to ask your partner directly for it themselves.

Highly unlikely the court will be interested.

  • Sophie J
  • Sophie J's Avatar Posted by
  • Junior Member
  • Junior Member
30 Dec 21 #518469 by Sophie J
Reply from Sophie J
Thank you. They are trying the whole “you must have some idea, so we assume you have something to hide” approach, claiming it’s a legal requirement.
I’ll encourage them to contact my partner directly if they insist on keep pushing, as my partner refuses to disclose this to the ex’s solicitors due to previous harassment from the ex, including contacting/turning up at our work places & trying to get us both sacked, so hopefully that will be enough to discourage them.

  • notgettinganywherefast
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  • Premium Member
05 Mar 22 #518972 by notgettinganywherefast
Reply from notgettinganywherefast
Sophie J did you end up having to disclose partners assets etc in the end? Similar situation here where new partner doesn't want to be involved but other side are demanding assets and financial position.

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