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Broken undertakings

  • alideniz
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15 Aug 11 #283012 by alideniz
Topic started by alideniz
My ex and i both have undertakings that are in place until October 2011.

We have both breached them probably me more as i ave our children and we are allowed to txt about our daughters contact. But this is often to no avail as he ignores me.

Anyway a few weeks a go he left a vile voicemail on our son's phone telling me i had to call him if i wanted maintenance and he would see our daughter on his terms! I did call him but all he did was scream down the phone i hung up!

To cut a long story short i got a letter from his solicitor saying that i am breaching my undertakings and if i continue he will apply for my commital to prison!!

I am livid and i intend to respond tomorrow pointing out he has broken his undertakings too!

I have txt from him calling me a dirty ***** and also saying f off and die etc..

What would happen if he did apply for my commital to prison???


  • hawaythelads
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15 Aug 11 #283022 by hawaythelads
Reply from hawaythelads
His solicitor can't apply for a committal to prison.
He can inform the courts that you have broken a court order.
the judge will have to decide.
By your own admission it sounds as though both of you are behaving appallingly for it to have got to this point. You should both put your vile behaviour towards each other aside and stop using the kids as weapons and doing them serious long term mental and emotional damage from the abuse you are both inflicting upon them if a court has already ordered both of you to stop your bitter arguments.
Bringing your kids up in the middle of a warzone ain't right.

  • alideniz
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15 Aug 11 #283088 by alideniz
Reply from alideniz
Thanks for your response. He has mental health problems and enjoys being the victim.

Or children are 14 and 21. The 21 year old and him fell out over 6 months ago and he continues to leave vile threatening messages on his phone but he has changed his number now.

The 14 year old does not see him as despite all offers i make he ignores them but will then txt her i love u sweaeherat i miss u but your mum won't let me see u!

I can put my hatered aside and do what is right for the kids only his hatred of me is greater than his love of the kids he can't see the wood for the tree's.

I was going to respond but my solicitors pa said to just leave it and wait and see if he pursues matters and then bring out all the proof i have of his breaches.

You say his solicitor can not apply for my commital to prison why do you think they wrote that though if they feasably can't do it??

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