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Needing some clarification...

  • Cos1
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4 years 1 month ago #482110 by Cos1
Needing some clarification... was created by Cos1

New to the site.... still reeling with shock and anger.

My husband recently left and moved out of the marital home (own decision). I wanted to work at the marriage. We have been married 3.5 years (together 11) and have a 10 month old baby.

House is currently mortgaged in both names, but as I am on maternity leave (agreed to have 12 months off), husband has agreed to continue to pay bills and mortgage.

Where do I stand legally? I understand that mother and child are protected in the marital home and can stop in the house until our child ends full-time education?

At present we will need to be financially provided for, as I have no income - at least until I can resume work?

Prior to going on maternity leave last Sept we agreed that I would return to work part time, in order to look after our child (previously worked full time). Since my husband has suddenly decided to leave, I still intend to go back part time. Can my loss of earnings be taken into consideration at a later stage of the separation/ divorce process? I would lose out considerably if I had to return to full-time work, pay a week of child care costs and potentially see my child only half of the weekend?

Any advice greatly appreciated. Anyone been in a similar situation?


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  • NellNoRegrets
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4 years 1 month ago #482292 by NellNoRegrets
Replied by NellNoRegrets on topic Re:Needing some clarification...

Generally speaking, in divorce, the priority is housing any children of the marriage. In your case, it would be assumed that you and your husband would both need homes which enable your child to stay with either of you.

This may be the marital home, which could be sold at a later date, or you might need to sell up and buy something else.

It depends on many factors, including yours and your husband's ages, your earnings, your assets, your liabilities etc.

You can ask for \"maintenance pending suit\" which in effect asks your husband to provide you with living expenses until your finances are sorted out.

Many solicitors offer a free half-hour of advice. You can go prepared with a list of questions to save time. I've done this with a couple of solicitors .

As for the shock and anger - we all take our own way to work through this. I had anti-depressants, counselling, my friends and family. Sometimes I sat in the bath and cried. Sometimes I smashed some china. Sometimes I played \"You're no good\" at top volume.

I also made friends on this site and they were a huge support. You are going through a horrible time - but you are not the first, many have been there before and got through. You will too.

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  • LittleMrMike
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4 years 1 month ago #482479 by LittleMrMike
Replied by LittleMrMike on topic Re:Needing some clarification...
As an extra piece of advice, you should urgently review your position on social security benefits .


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