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Ex harassing me to force me to sell

  • FromTheNorth
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03 Jul 19 #508364 by FromTheNorth
Topic started by FromTheNorth
My ex decided a month ago that she wanted to end the relationship and immediately started to pressure me to sell out. I think she met someone else.

Quick background
1. We bought only a year ago, March 2018 in West London
2. We were not married
3. We signed a Deed of Trust, 80/20 (80% her due to larger deposit investment).
4. Been paying the mortgage and expensive service charge 50/50 for 14 months

1. I am having genuine physical and mental health care and issues, and am in a fairly vulnerable state. In and out of hospital.
2. She has been bombarding me with sometimes 3-4 emails a day that if I don't agree to her buy out offer she will force me out through courts, and even change the locks, and other fairly intimidating threats.
3. I have no issue with being bought out, I just need time to relocate and I don't appreciate this ongoing bullying and intimidation whilst I am unwell. I had to move out for a few weeks as the stress of all this is getting a bit much.

Advice welcome.


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  • Allcry
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16 Aug 19 #509125 by Allcry
Reply from Allcry
It starts at 80/20, however, you improved on this by paying rent, etc. Divide the property cost by the proportional amounts. £10 = £8 and £2

Think about how much you think she should get.
you paid 50p. It's now £7.50 and £2.50p

Think of how you can get this to her, without breaking the bank.
And you can pay £5 now and £1 every year.

Else sell and give her the money back.

Re: harassment,
Malicious Communications Act 1988
The Malicious Communications Act makes it illegal to “send or deliver letters or other articles for the purposes of causing stress or anxiety”.

This also applies to electronic communications such as emails and messages via social networking websites.

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