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Information prior to First Appointment

  • Becoming Bitter
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01 Oct 12 #358757 by Becoming Bitter
Topic started by Becoming Bitter

I have posted a couple of times on here and had excellent advice.

I have a First Appointment on Tues 9th Oct, and all the information (Statement of Issues, Questionnaire, chronology etc) had to be filed with the court (and her sols) by 25 Sept, and I made sure mine were. It is now 1st Oct, and I still have not received anything from her sol with all her info. Where do I stand with this, I dont see I should have to worry about why nit hasnt turned up, but at the same time what would happen if her sol was late getting the info to court?

  • WhiteRose
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01 Oct 12 #358761 by WhiteRose
Reply from WhiteRose

Its very common to read similar stories on here - apparently its a tactic to file papers at the last possible minute.

If you receive the documents something like the day before - or worse just handed to you as you walk into the FA, just inform the Judge about this and he will understand your lack of prep time.

I''m told the FA is a very short hearing and the Judge only needs to check the paperwork exchange and encourage an agreement to be made.

If all documentation is exchanged and both parties are happy to, you can turn the FA into an FDR - to save money.

Good luck & let us know how it goes.


  • leanng
  • leanng's Avatar
  • Elite Member
  • Elite Member
01 Oct 12 #358802 by leanng
Reply from leanng

Snap. I have first Appointment 11th October. All my documents filed 27th Sept as per Court.

Received rude email from ex''s solicitor stating they are not in position to exchange.

Delaying tactics .. it''s just a game to some people...

  • anna200
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  • Senior Member
01 Oct 12 #358820 by anna200
Reply from anna200
my ex only tripped up with most stuff on the day or didn''t bother with other stuff...and took 2 years to confirm pension which was 100k more then declared on form E...... no real consequences for prevarication and the judge just seemed to want to get on with it to bring to a close asap ..which i agree should be everyones goal... if it''s not critical its not worth the legal costs by being pedantic.... if there is misconduct you could ask for a costs order if you think you have a good case but if it just a case of not being organised rather then trying to hide significant assets try not to let it irritate you... keep focused on the main stuff....remember every letter/ hearing is costing you hundreds of pounds.

  • Becoming Bitter
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  • Senior Member
02 Oct 12 #358969 by Becoming Bitter
Reply from Becoming Bitter
Thanks for the advice :-)

I spoke to stbx sols and they said they had ''sent'' the information, but couldnt remember which day......

I shall keep the envelope with the postmark I reckon, just for my own satisfaction...

Will let you all know how it goes next week :-)

  • SilverFir
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  • Platinum Member
02 Oct 12 #358984 by SilverFir
Reply from SilverFir
Just to butt into the thread, as it''s slightly relevant ;)

We''re meant to complete Form G before the First Appointment saying whether we believe that the FA can become an FDR. Am I right in thinking that if I don''t receive Form E etc on the agreed date, I can complete Form G as ''NO'' (ie refuse the FA/FDR thing) on the basis of having had insufficient time to study his Form E?

  • upbeat
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  • Premium Member
  • Premium Member
02 Oct 12 #358987 by upbeat
Reply from upbeat
I was lead to believe that it doesn''t really matter the Judge will excuse the pun "be the judge of whether the case can proceed or not" if you dont receive the form E then this form is your platform to to state your reasons why it could not proceed and your concerns ect... but it will be up to you if you think you have enough information to proceed without disclosure. And think about costs if not LIP in ajourning :)not sure if solicitors charge for this as have not really used one due to costs :(

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