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House valuation fee

  • Maryman
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  • Junior Member
23 Feb 17 #489238 by Maryman
Reply from Maryman
Truth is , she has borrowed of a friend , my partner and myself to get this far. This is upsetting as she does not like having to do this. That is the reason she put a stop to solicitor support. We got as far as the form E and after seeing the projected cost she refused to put herself friends and family through anymore debt. What are people like her supposed to do when a husband (ex) with funds, puts her through this? Something very unjust about the system !!!

  • Luna Shadow
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  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
23 Feb 17 #489244 by Luna Shadow
Reply from Luna Shadow
I totally understand where you are coming from. I actually consider myself fortunate because after an initial free consultation with a solicitor I realised that I could not afford to use one and so I have been a litigant in person throughout the whole case (five hearings so far and another two to go). My ex has had a solicitor and sometimes a barrister representing him, at huge cost, but his family have deeper pockets than mine.

It's hard work, but you can represent yourself. I used this site, lots of googling, and the book "Family Court without a Lawyer" to help me with the paperwork.

However she does need to pay her part of the valuation costs - this is a battle not worth persuing.

Has she actually disinstructed her solicitor yet? She should do this then correspond directly with her ex's solicitor and state that she will pay half the fee directly to the surveyor or if the other solicitor is handling the appointment then they will explain how she can pay.

  • Bubblegum11
  • Bubblegum11's Avatar
  • Moderator
  • Moderator
23 Feb 17 #489246 by Bubblegum11
Reply from Bubblegum11
I agree with Lunashadow, she does need to pay her share of the fee. It's really not worth letting it impact on her case in a negative way.
I dropped my solicitor when I reached financial proceedings too - just couldn't justify the cost knowing my ex would fight it all the way to the bitter end.

There is heaps of info available online for LIP's. This site is excellent! I also refer to Lucy reed's book - it's gives an excellent general overview.
I also found reading blogs by solicitors and barristers really useful. As long as your daughter is well organised and willing to put in some time preparing then she should be able to self rep.

Hopefully, she will be able to get back on track with her finances once the solicitor stops billing her.

I have used a few solicitors over the years. Not just for family law. I have to say, like most things some are worth their weight in gold and their advice has saved me a lot of money and stress. On the other hand there have been a couple that were completely useless and I walked away feeling like I was just throwing money away.

  • Maryman
  • Maryman's Avatar Posted by
  • Junior Member
  • Junior Member
27 Feb 17 #489355 by Maryman
Reply from Maryman
Thank you so much Luna and Bubblegum and I shall certainly look on here too for advice. It does have a lot to offer. Five visits to court!! We do think that he will pursue to the final hearing as he is after every penny he can get,but also is quite mean? We have more or less come to the conclusion that we have to find the valuation, its just the way they "demand" to be in funds before they begin.
She cancelled her solicitor after the last visit to court when it was a £600 bill and estimate of £3k with £1600 deposit. Minimum. She has written to his solicitor with a solution but was declined, and after much thought we decided maybe its better decided in court anyway (we discovered more assets not declared). We are now waiting for a visit/contact from the valuer. I just thought if we were billed separately it would give her /us more time to pay.

I suppose the next bit of research is to find how to manage the FDR. I shall follow up the leads you mentioned. I have more time being retired and I think she needs "mum" now, :)

A couple of questions, Are there any court fees now we are LIP, we will be asked for?
On one of the letters it was mentioned filing costs on a Form H, surely we each pay our own.?

My daughter was only asked to answer 2 questions on her form E, but he has 21,in finding missing info on money and such like but I think she is going to concentrate on the main 2 or 3 .

Its all quite daunting for her ..

Thank you so much and I shall probably be back nearer March 17th. B)

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