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Unfair settlement

  • Milli66
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20 Apr 21 #516524 by Milli66
Topic started by Milli66
Please...I need advice..
had zoom court appointment yesterday....briefly.. im in 70k debt mainly because of ex...(I had better credit score)we sold house with 112k equity....official separation date is 2016 ive been told he wants 45k where he will clear his own personal debts. Ones he's had since 3ish years ago.... I can have the rest of equity...if I do ...once paid debts ive nothing left. We have a family business and I have a small amount of inheritance.
I just feel why should I pay his recent credit card debts..hes not been able to produce much in the way of paperwork cause most money is cash in hand....I was also under domestic abuse and told not to do mediation.. and cause of that its costing a fortune with solicitors..ive had to pay 4k to go into refuge.....and I had to see him in zoom call....im really struggling today...

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21 Apr 21 #516529 by WYSPECIAL
Reply from WYSPECIAL
You haven’t given much detail so it is difficult for anyone to see why the settlement is unfair.

If you both use the house equity to clear your debts then neither of you will have anything left from it but it sounds as if you are getting the greatest share from this?

What is happening with business and inheritance?

Are there any other assets?

  • Milli66
  • Milli66's Avatar Posted by
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  • Senior Member
21 Apr 21 #516530 by Milli66
Reply from Milli66
Thanks for your reply...
I left home thro domestic abuse a year ago... he started having credit cards 5 years ago....I lived off my wages and inheritance....we shared the bills up until the time i left.
The family business is in his name...but premises was in mine...but he didn't pay the rent and now ive 10k to pay. He racked up 20k to hmrc in debt...and all his credit cards are maxed
he suddenly owes 10k to someone from 15 yrs ago.
He wants 45k to clear his debts keep the business...he earns in 1 night what I earn in a month as ive depression/anxiety struggle to work.ive inheritance of about 30k left. I will need to pay solicitor 10k for services.
hes already had 30k from covid grant...he will go bankrupt he said bso not to pay that back..
we split 2016 i stayed in home as I was scared to leave...when I did go to refuge i ended up paying 4k as i had savings.
originallymy solicitors said...I keep inheritance as I got that after separation date...he keeps business...we pay debts....out of equity...and if anything left..be grateful.
ive struggled to understand cause of ptsd...but hes asking for 45k to clear his debts keep business....I have remainder from equity 60kish..but that won't cover our old debts....hes always told me not to pay these and wanted them disputed...we had to live off them for years as he was terrible with work and money.and im nervous that there could be more debts hes put me in... ive not got all my credit report yet. And I keep my inheritance...theres no other assets...but I know he has certain items he can sell that are quite expensive which he 'acquired...
why do I have to pay his trail of debts. Since we split...I had to live in a room for years scared of him...and worried about money....where hes racked up debts..
whTs the point of a separation date...it seems to make no difference.

  • hadenoughnow
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28 Apr 21 #516561 by hadenoughnow
Reply from hadenoughnow
What hearing did you have?

Was a settlement agreed or just discussed??

If he has assets that are saleable, have these been declared?

I appreciate that you have had a hard time and this is all very stressful but what is needed is a calm review of the evidence so you can present your case effectively.

Do you still have a solicitor? What do they make of it??


  • Milli66
  • Milli66's Avatar Posted by
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  • Senior Member
02 May 21 #516598 by Milli66
Reply from Milli66
I think it was FDR ? i just let my solicitor do everything... it was the judge, my barrister (at last minute my solicitor couldn't make it) my husband and his solicitor.
As I couldn't take it all in....I remember judge saying not much paperwork regarding my ex. But my solicitor broke it down.
112k equity
We have 70k debts in my name..
hes racked up 20k in debts since we split
(hes got 30k covid grant even tho hes no overheads and dodnt lost out on lockdown)
I've about 25k inheritance
So he gets 45k from equity
I take the rest and pay our debts.
He has business (which apparently isn't worth anything...its is really)
I keep inheritance.
i ve told my solicitor I wouldn't except him taking 45k as im left not much.
the assets he has he has hidden, so won't admit.
I have lost faith in my solicitor.
I'm upset that he has always been bad with money, and even us separating im paying his debts cause they are marital. I was told nit to divorce until financial settlement. So confused

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