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really need some help...

  • whenwillitbeover
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05 Jul 12 #341390 by whenwillitbeover
Topic started by whenwillitbeover
hi, im new to this but have been going through the divorce "steps" for about two yrs.

basically...please dont judge...i was/ am married to an abusive man. its taken me along time to realise this as he was not a "hit you in the face" type man. he controlled all finances, i had no bank account and took my child benefit, signed me up for wtc (he runs bizs) withheld sex/ affection..anything...i was just a P.A. Three kids, after 12 years i had a very abusive affair. i drank alot during this time. didnt like what i was doing but craved affection. got professional help and for my drinking. ex moved to spain to be with an ex id caught him communicating with about a year into our relationship when i was pregnant after finding out about my affair. (i was glad as i didnt have the strength to tell him) I had thought i was going mad. and saw my doctors about that. been through child custody hearings, he moved back in after 18mnths abroad after a mediation hearing when he declared nothing about bizs, earnings etc but declared a joint account i didnt know about. i took money out (was/ still am breadline) and he moved in. hence injunctions and child court hearing. He has not declared, he filled in a form E1 initially, tried to make deals, now forensic acct. he isnt providing the details. i cant afford to fight him anymore. fdr is now ajourned as not enough info for forensic to assess. i cant afford it anymore...i had no money anyway...after he left i lived on his "wage" which meant benefits. how do i finish this???? please help x

  • whenwillitbeover
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05 Jul 12 #341393 by whenwillitbeover
Reply from whenwillitbeover
i am 22k in debt already for bills to solicitors. he has (on his new form!...he is a dodgy man) 100k plus in the bank. i have nothing. i sold my car to meet bills but have bad credit, have begged and borrowed from family. im maybe going to have to self represent. or just pay a barrister.

  • sexysadie
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05 Jul 12 #341404 by sexysadie
Reply from sexysadie
Have you applied for maintenance pending suit? If not, why not?

And is he not paying child support? I know CSA are pretty rubbish with self-employed people but you would probably get something - and you should be able to use the evidence from the forensic accountant to prove his earnings/capital to them in the long term.

Best wishes,

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