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non -molestation order

  • Sera
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29 Oct 07 #5452 by Sera
Reply from Sera
WOZZA wrote:

is there any point in trying to defend myself ,

Not sure really!?

I for one am NOT standing for the suggestion in a Court that I have abused my husband. I am also not packing my bags and removing myself from our home, for his convenience, or so that he can entertain his new girlfriend here and live a batchelor lifestyle!

I will leave once we've settled financially, and have a divorce.

It's your choice. We don't have kids here, and I don't wish to be evicted, hence my defence.

If I was you, I'd maybe write a letter, stating that you will remove yourself in respect of her wish to stay. maybe you should state until a certain date? You would still have the Right to occupy the house, Under your matrimonial home Rights.

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19 Nov 07 #6998 by WOZZA
Reply from WOZZA
my wife is going for the whole lot she has been ok with me for the last month going out with me and my son and even sleeping with me.this is not the actions of someone who hates someone else.i have found a form for legal aid in it she claims she pays the morgage as well as me in fact she earns 70 quid a week and spends that on driving lessons and getting her hair done.she also has started staying out till 1.30 clubbing six months pregnant,i feel i have to stay in the house for my childrens welfare.can i be forced to move out?i am being used for now untill she gets me out.i wamt to stay here untill the baby is born and see how it goes ,probably sell up and split it but i think she wants to ruin me

  • rkowski
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  • Junior Member
10 Dec 07 #8749 by rkowski
Reply from rkowski
hi my situation is as follows - 3 wks ago i find out my wife is having an affair - we have 2 kids i love them and i asked my wife to end teh affair ande we can work through the situation - she was having none of it - she said she has hated me and not fancied me for years , to cut a long story short no physical violence occured we rowed about it - thats it - since that night she and my 2 kids have resided at her mothers home - she has applied for an occupation order and non molestation order to get me out of the home - i have offered to leave on the grounds that i pay maintanace 20% net plus £150 to stop getting the home repo'd - she wants me to pay ther full mortgagae however and move in with my mum - to do this she had lied , i have evidence such as a mobile phone which proves her affair - text msgs inviting him to our house for sex etc , she has also lied about her current circumstances - ie the car she has is hers - it s not its in my name and i am fanancially liable for it, she says her mums home is a 1 bed bungalow - its not its a 2 bed, she says my children are sleeping on a laminate floor - they are not they are in bunk beds and their living room is carpeted - why wouldnt you sleep them in the living room if you had teh option of wood floor v carpet - the lies go on and on and my 2bx just wants the nice home to live in, me out of the way so she can continue her affair whilst i pay the full mortgage which equates to 20 % my net income plus half the mortgage -

Has anyone ever defended one of these non molestation orders etc etc - my fear is trhe court will side with mum and the kids no matter if i proove her to be a liar

\\\\\HELP ME\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

surely my origional offer was more than adequate - i worked out on her full time wage benefits and my contribution that she can afford to live - will this be considered?

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