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Just when I thought it was all over

  • soulruler
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07 Apr 12 #322144 by soulruler
Topic started by soulruler

I have been to court now 30 times just trying to get divorced and just when I thought my persecution was all over and there might be a chance I get a little peace a new order has come out from court and it looks like I am going to be going back.

I think my case is now in family, chancery, commercial and queens bench.

Maybe the moral of this story if there is one is to be honest and do your best to stand by your principles, your responsibilities to your family and your contracts and also do your best to support UK Judges and UK Courts.

I truly believe that judges are on side with the law and are not out of touch with the common man.

I think in a few months time I am going to find out whether I am right.

4 years and counting............

  • survive
  • survive's Avatar
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07 Apr 12 #322164 by survive
Reply from survive
Oh my goodness, that is a really long time.

I hope for your sake you are right and you get what you deserve.

Me..... I''m very sceptical about judges and the judiciary system (but that''s my personal view) - depends on the judge I guess

Good Luck


  • ledivorce
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  • Junior Member
  • Junior Member
09 Apr 12 #322543 by ledivorce
Reply from ledivorce
I thought I was the only one. I am 3.5 years from first hearing. Final hearing and Consent Order was 2.5 years ago. The wacko ex-wife has appealed 3 different times, never got past application for leave for appeal, tried to get the consent order set aside twice, and now I am in the twilight zone while the Family Court and High Court argue as to whether there is an application for another appeal pending or not!!!!

  • soulruler
  • soulruler's Avatar Posted by
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  • Platinum Member
10 Apr 12 #322686 by soulruler
Reply from soulruler
How totally weird as you cannot set aside a consent order.

I appealed the final order in Ancillary Relief as some of it was out of the courts powers to order (against my director/nominee obligations).

Anyway, after I appealled and during appeal my husband and his legal team starting litigation to get the house he offered to me back (and which was to be transferred in law for our disabled son to me) and litigating to get into the limited company over and over again.

So far, trying to count he has taken 10 different litigations out in UK courts against me, our children, my mother and my brother (all of which I have had to defend).

There are two court orders now stating that husband must transfer his interest in the house to me but he is still failing to do so.

Also he doesn''t turn up to court even when summons by a High Court Judge and even though he is taking most of the cases doesn''t turn up to court for those either.

Not that long ago a friend told me that he was late for a hearing in ancillary relief and was told by the judge that he was lucky not to be held in contempt of court just for being late (let alone not turning up at all).

My husband now has two global solicitors, one national solicitor, one regional solicitor, one High Court enforcement officer (under licence from the Lord Chancellor)one regional insolvency practitioner and one regional general solicitors practice acting on his behalf and against me.

Last time I was in court there were two barristers from the same solicitors arguing against me and on husbands behalf.

The time before I was in court and one of the top barristers of the UK was arguing against me.

Mine is a small money divorce - work that one out.

  • somuch2know2
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  • Platinum Member
10 Apr 12 #322740 by somuch2know2
Reply from somuch2know2
soudns like my deluded STBX. The whole system is broke. I am praying I get my divorce sooner than later.

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