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selling house and divorce

  • megan
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10 Jan 08 #10408 by megan
Topic started by megan
[I can't believe that just 8 weeks ago I was happily married, but that was then.
Have filed for divorce as otherwise he was going to.
Not ready to sell the house yet but will have to.children are grownup so its just me.
How does it work divorce then sell the house or does it all have to be sorted befor divorce completed.what if house doesn't sell. what if we don't agree on the split. so many questions I haven't got a clue where to start .

  • mike62
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10 Jan 08 #10412 by mike62
Reply from mike62

Take a look at the Wikivorce step by step guide - link below


It will help you to put things into context. The sale of the house would come a little further down the line, if it needs to happen.

Read the guide and some things will be a little clearer

It's a very hard time for you - nothing prepares you for this.

Take care and keep posting your questions or concerns


  • zozo
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10 Jan 08 #10416 by zozo
Reply from zozo
Dear megan

You are very wright in how you feel.People get very confused at the begining.Do not worry,you can get lot of information by reading in this web.
In my knowledge and experiance,the way it work is that you have to sort out your financial sattlment with him through negotiation or otherwise if you and him do not agree on the split through the court.The steps are:
The court has to agree on the ground of the divorce after he respond to your petition.
Then you will be granted the Decree Nisi
Now you have to sort out your financial
after the agreement only you can aply for the decree absolut which the financial step of the divorce.Solicitors usually advice to delay the absolute in order to let you have all the wrights of a wife in case of death or somthing else could happen.
You can delay the absolute up to a year other wise you have to convince the court of the reasons of the delay.
I am not sure about the case if the house did not sell but I think that there is the possibility of puting the house for oction(very pity and sorry to say that)are you sure you can not stay with your children in FH? how old are they?

  • topaz
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10 Jan 08 #10421 by topaz
Reply from topaz
Hi Megan,
one day at a time, and one step at a time. . I found out loads of info on this web site.with the help I've had I've coped and now divorce almost done.
also you may not have to sell the house depends whether you could buy him out of his share but that is way down the line yet and you'll get advised by sol along the way as well.info on here is free whereas time with sol costs.save sols time for really necessary stuff and get answers to what you can here it'll keep the costs down.everyone on here have different experiences and problems and are very supportive and willing to share their advice and experiences on sorting out different situations.having adult kids doesn't mean you have to move there are other options available if they're appropriate.mine involves raising a mortgage and using chargeback on the property to cover x's share in order to stay put. anyway,dont lose sleep as it's hard to cope if you're lacking sleep and not eating.take care.

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