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FORM E and section 3, income needs and capital nee

  • NonMolest
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12 Jan 08 #10500 by NonMolest
Topic started by NonMolest

I am in middle of filling form E and I am looking for detailed list of needs which I want to go through. I dont want a situation where i miss certain samll things, may be like TV license or whatever. I know I have seen the same list somewhere, Can someone please let me know where can I find one.

Also what can be said for Capital needs, currently I dont own any house.


  • topaz
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12 Jan 08 #10503 by topaz
Reply from topaz
Are you talking about anticipated capital needs? if so then yes you'll need to either put down anticipated future rent/month or mortgage payments/month.if renting may be property maintenance fees seperate to rent/
yes..utilities go down..c tax/water rates/gas/electric/ sky/cable fees.internet fees/club membership fees/life/house /contents insurance,bricks& mortar insurance/pension plan /tv licence /holidays/gifts bthdays/xmas friends and family bupa /Private dental plan/
food/groceries/soft furnishings renewal etc.my x put takeaway meals and social evenings on his as well.
if/ you drive a car...tax/insurance/maintenance/service fees/MOT etc
there is a list but I didn't have one, someone might say on here

there's lots if you go through it.do you have any special housing needs or expect to eg deteriorating health/disability which may require equipment or property alteration.
some of it goes under anticipated income needs and others under anticipated capital needs,mine were recorded on seperate sheets of A4 but referenced to the number on the E form page and section.All my current needs and anticipated income/capital needs were put on seperate sheets of A4.in fact a lot of extra sheets were added as no room on the form for much.it does say you can add extra sheets if required.hope it helps a bit.xx

  • NonMolest
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12 Jan 08 #10529 by NonMolest
Reply from NonMolest
Topaz Thanks for your help! anyone have got anymore idea please?

  • juttabeck
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  • Premium Member
12 Jan 08 #10536 by juttabeck
Reply from juttabeck
Bank statements will help you figure out what you are spending for the Form E. We went through all the "usual" things we coudl think of, then the bank statements to get all the small amounts.

  • NonMolest
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12 Jan 08 #10541 by NonMolest
Reply from NonMolest
Items Current Cost
Rent 800
Council Tax 0
Gas 0
Electricity 0
Water 0
Groceries 275
Food 125
CSA 309
Travel to work (Public Transport) 45
Car Wash 13.99
Car Insurance 77.41
Car Maintenance 15
Car Service 60
MOT 10
Car Parking Permit/Penality 15
Car Tax 17
Petrol (commutation/Personal) 100
Mobile Bill 25
BT Landline 36.09
International Calling Card 15
Sky Connection 15
Lunch 110
Washing clothes 45
TV License 10
Medical 13.7
Hair Cut 13
Internet 10
Credit Card Gaurd 3.5
Policy LIC 56
Critical illness Cover 27.76
BUPA Health 32.95
BUPA Dental 12.41
Company Loan 500
Bank Loan 172.65
Dry cleaning 10
Temple 15
Air flights to India to visit Parents for 3 weeks once a year 40
Living expenses in India 45
DVD/CD/Movies/Games 15
B'day Gifts 15
Xmas Friends 10
Social Evenings/Dinner 50
Takeaway meal 55
Guests 15
Flat Maintenance 15
Club Membership Fees 0
Soft Furnishing Renewal/ Household essentials 40
Legal Cost ??
Clothes/Shoes 30
Leisure 10
LifeStyle Cost 15
Total 3332.91

Hello guys, this is what I am thinking of putting my income needs in form E, please let me know your ideas on that asap?


  • topaz
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  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
12 Jan 08 #10549 by topaz
Reply from topaz
hi nonmolest,
wondering why you've not claimed for utilities e.g gas/electric/council tax etc is it because you dont how much they are or are they covered in the rent?I'm only asking because council tax is about £115/month here.If they are covered now is it likely you'll move and then have to pay?if so they could be anticipated capital needs should you have to move.I think I'd list them and bracket together as a possibility should you move as they are quite a bit added up.
Also you've left legal fees as a ? I put £400/month down for legal fees and it is costing more than that now.
also you said you dont currently own a house so are you looking to possibly buy one if so you need to find out sale price (three different ones) of what would be examples of suitable property to buy and send the property details (especially the price)in with the E form, same with rented properties again send details with E form.
list them all as monthly so if an item is once a year divide by 12 and it's .... £ x /month (1/12 of annual cost) is how I did mine and it was ok.
under gifts is it altogether or per friend? add number of your friends up allow x each for the year and then divide by 12= monthly amount.hope this makes sense.
regards topaz

  • NonMolest
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  • Elite Member
12 Jan 08 #10552 by NonMolest
Reply from NonMolest
Thanks for you esteem suggestions topaz, currently my rent inclused everything hence i put zeros for all utility bills and as u suggested I will add all utlity bills and mention it as anticipated cosy, should I move. what details I should mention if I need to but a house in future? I mean complete property details or just prices? if suppose I want to buy a 2 bed room house of 250,000, then what shall I mention in form e? and how to divide it on monthly basis.

How my income needs looks like in this list? does it look average or seems like exaggerated or what?

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