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Have i done the wrong thing??

  • tarot
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11 Feb 08 #13545 by tarot
Topic started by tarot
Im not sure i have done the right thing and would like your advice before i go through the divorce process.....

X2b and i split, house was worth £190k with a £132k mortgage, took out further advance and gave x2b £30k. (felt very pressurised into doing this, some might say bullied) Also gave him £1200 from some work shares (half)

We were going to go DIY divorce as i just wanted everything over with BUT

I work p/t bringing in £6k, new partner (part time student) brings in £15k. He pays 15% cm for his child. We recieve tax credit top up of about £40 week. I have no pension

My x2b earns?????, he pays £275 CM for my 2 children, who he has 2 nights a week. He has a pension worth about £40k. (I know his wages are none of my business)

He's just buying new property with new partner.

DIY was going to be no sm, no share of his pensions, just the child maintanence.
Want to move on, but what do you think...... I really dont want to do anything silly.

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11 Feb 08 #13550 by IKNOWNOW
Reply from IKNOWNOW

How on earth do you pay the mortgage and all the bills? I would love to know as my mortgage is £128K and I am really struggling. How did you manage to get the further advance when you earn so little?

Sorry if this is too personal, just amazed if you are managing to pay such a large mortgage on yours and your new partner's salary.

And a further observation, yes you do have a right to know what your x2b is earning, how else will you know whether the 20% CM is correct?

Regards, Sarah

  • Ladybelle
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  • Platinum Member
11 Feb 08 #13557 by Ladybelle
Reply from Ladybelle
I cant manage to pay y mortgage and its only £70k. That's what I will need x2b to pay spousal maintenance for.

  • Jacko
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11 Feb 08 #13559 by Jacko
Reply from Jacko
So you sold the FMH and ended up with 58K and then you let him have 30K? slightly more than 50%

okay you don't say how long you were married but i would think you may well be entitled to some of that depending on what your exact circumstances are.

sadly it seems to me you have given more away than you should have already?

It might be a good idea to go and see a solicitor try and find one that gives you a free initial hour.It doesn't sound as thought he's playing fair and is going to walk all over you if you let him!

I'm self repping and there are times it's very draining! but then of course i cant imagine there are many people who are likely say the divorce process is a pleasant experience regardless of how you do it!

I really think you should seek some advice. Good luck

  • madaboutcars
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12 Feb 08 #13675 by madaboutcars
Reply from madaboutcars
Hi everyone,

Mortgage is fixed rate at 4.75%, which runs out in 2010 and i have it on interest term only.

My partner and i struggle but i tend to "steal off peter, to pay paul"

Luckily no credit cards or debts between us.

My x2b and i were married for 7 years but together for 10.

I am still living in the home, my new partner's mother kindly went on my mortgage as tenants in common, (she owns 1%, i owe 99%)

So it looks like he has taken advantage of me, oh dear. I am trying to get him to repay me some of the money but im not being very successful


IFIKNEWTHEN - Is it written anywhere that i have a right to know his income, like on the CSA website or something??

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