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Direction for trial has arrived

  • twinks
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  • Elite Member
22 Feb 08 #14777 by twinks
Topic started by twinks
And I only sent the other papers on Wednesday, guess I must be the only person getting divorced in my town lol

My question is on the form when it says 'has his behaviour made you ill etc. Yes I am not eating or sleeping (he is still here, and wont move out) but he had gone up to our 8 year old son who has autism with the divorce papers and told him what they were, son was crying and screaming, also his agression has got worse (son's) and I am having to turn the spare room into a quiet safe for him for when he gets agressive.

Should I put that down on the form? I wanted to talk to our son in a way hed understand, not hubs telling him and the terrible atmsphere there is here,

  • dukey
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  • Moderator
22 Feb 08 #14780 by dukey
Reply from dukey
Hello twinks ive followed your story closely, atleast things are moveing on (thats me trying to look on the bright side) your H actions are the definition of UB useing your son as a weapon so yes i would add that to the list i hope when he reads it he hangs his head in shame.
Hang in there theres light at the end of the tunnel still dim but its there

  • megan
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  • Platinum Member
22 Feb 08 #14791 by megan
Reply from megan
Have you contacted the national autistic society who may have some resources that may help your son.In some areas they also employ proff. who could do some direct work with him. They may also talk to your H or give him some info which may advise him that children are victims of divorce not weapons!
Good luck

  • Elle
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22 Feb 08 #14794 by Elle
Reply from Elle
Hubs behaviour isnt unreasonable....it is down right dispicable, cruel, selfish, irresponsible and abusive and then some. I agree you should put it on the form....dont know what the form Entails but I would make sure the impact hubs behaviour is having on both you and son is well highlighted
Take care

  • ariesgirl63
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22 Feb 08 #14796 by ariesgirl63
Reply from ariesgirl63
Hi Twinks,
I know you have been scared to start the divorce proceedings for fear of your husbands reactions. Obviously your son is now being drawn into your divorce proceedings by a very cruel and heartless man who is using his son to get at you rather than protecting him from the situation. I too have a 9 year old autistic son but thankfully his father has not involved him in running me down and trying to turn him against me (not that he would understand of course) etc as he has done with our 2 older sons of 19 and 15. It is so important for autistic children to have a stable environment, to know what is around the corner and to not have any surprises or changes to their routines. Any changes need to be introduced slowly and with much love and patience. Your husband is bang out of order and I feel you would have a justifiable case to seek a non molestation order in order to remove him from thefamily home. He will not leave of his own accord but if he stays he cannot be allowed to upset your son in this manner. The upset and distress he causes now could take years to undo. I know you are apprehensive but at the end of the day you have to do what is right for you and your son. I am however straying from your original question about your affidavit in support of your application for Decree Nisi. I would personally complete the form with every detail of how he has affected you. He won't get to see a copy of the form, only the DJ, but it may make you feel better and leave the DJ in no doubt about exactly what affect this man is having on you and your son. Good luck Twinks, I will be following your progress. I submitted my affidavit last week and am presently awaiting notification of the date for decree nisi hearing so we are at about the same stage of our divorce process.

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