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Sat Nite & raring to go......

  • redwine47
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01 Sep 12 #353271 by redwine47
Topic started by redwine47
All ready gladrags on... & sorted to go out with this gals.

Door bell rings.. Me thinks girls come early for our wee pre nite tipple. No it''s my child! Returned early (was supposed to come back sun teatime) tells me his dad has to get the car repaired? Me thinks what car repair is open on Saturday night oh yes the gal friend bike repair is open , so child is sent home. Wot a Croc of *--*

This is becoming a common occurrence dad has better offer so off he goes & no contact.with me wotsoever.... Child lands on doorstep I''m cld have been away for the weekend Rome Paris Dublin lol (if only.)

So do I go on out leaving (not so) confused 13 years old at home. I always have a contingency plan but I do feel being taken advantage of by this pi* Artist constantly affecting my ... Life & god knows what it''s doin to my wee son... He''s not stupid! .

Not even had me redwine yet!

:woohoo:......... :blink:........ :P

  • NoWhereToTurnl
  • NoWhereToTurnl's Avatar
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01 Sep 12 #353277 by NoWhereToTurnl
Reply from NoWhereToTurnl
Oh redwine47,

Words fail me, what a bar steward he is to do that to your son and you. The thought of your poor boy being on the step if you had already gone out is unthinkable.

I would not dream of saying if you should go out or not but, sending you a ((((Big Hug))))

Take care,
NWTT xxx

  • redwine47
  • redwine47's Avatar Posted by
  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
02 Sep 12 #353320 by redwine47
Reply from redwine47
I did go out albeit a short while. Responsible parent that I am returned early to find the wee crator still sitting in same place as wen I left. Not moved from computer according to me neighbour (not babysitter).!!

In all seriousness tho I do think this is ridiculous that I have to have contingency plan for stbxs contact time. Wot if I had been
away? ( I''ve had to cancel all sorts while he gets his car fixed).lol ...

Stbx does not contact me about anything, changes of plans dates etc.Ive emailed him & solicitor has sent letters of concern.. all ignored. Contact is a farce in this case.... Why bother? .

Lots of deep breathing..

  • fairylandtime
  • fairylandtime's Avatar
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02 Sep 12 #353321 by fairylandtime
Reply from fairylandtime
Hi RW (((hugs)))

Know exactly how you feel (don''t go out much myself) but if / when I did if x found out, lo & behold he wouldnt be able to have the kids!!! Always an unfortunate coincidence :S

So yes always have a back up plan, had 1 wkend away and yes happend again (he shouldn''t have know but...) so back up plan in place, ment that mum could cheer us on for a walk we did but you get use to that.

Contact is very sporadic now, and kids just don''t sleep over at x''s had the rare potential of doing so this wkend, (thinking of glass of wine & tv to myself) but 2 hours later said child is dropped off with clothes cos "dad''s off out with mates"!!!! Wtf ... Hasnt seen kids often, haven''t slept for moths and off with mates.

Breakes your heart to see them returned and sloping back upstairs to bed, when disappointed and it''s just not fair ... But cannot speak to x re this as we only argue because there is only one in his life (HIM)!

Sat here nackered and want to stay in bed all day but ... Said I would take son out so (painkillers and coffee) and off we go ... Because I said I would do it!!!!

Rant over, but just to say know how you feel, always have a back up plan, never tell x if your going away / out and get use to it ... Try not to let it make you bitter but that''s the hardest part)


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